Home Politics Black Lives Matter Protests In the USA & UK: After the protests, what needs to happen next?

Black Lives Matter Protests In the USA & UK: After the protests, what needs to happen next?

Black Lives Matter Protests In the USA & UK: After the protests, what needs to happen  next?

There are major variations in the essence of Black Lives Matter protests in the US and the UK.  Two issues were focused in the US protest: systemic injustice and violence by the police. They  can literally look indistinguishable. However, in UK, the preference was solely given to  systematic injustice. 

“No banner against police brutality can be seen in the UK protest” 

What’s especially distinct from the anti-discriminatory movements of the 1960s, including the  Long Hot Summer of 1967, which saw 159 protests, is that they are now progressive and racially diverse, more egalitarian. Everyone has the principle on the board, but when the transition has to  be made, optimistic passengers, who have followed the revolution, hand down abruptly with  intense pragmatism.  

In the background of the protests triggered by George Floyd’s death, this is what needs to be  done to counter prejudice. Racial prejudice is still a big concern; the government must admit. 

BAME people have always been marginalized by society, since people are oblivious to racism or are afraid to accept the issue. People have to accept that racism in UK and US remains a  significant issue, particularly in government, and they have to listen to the Black community  more. The teaching on diversity of businesses is not strong, they need tougher debates and they  must reform the curriculum, which relies more on American slavery and on the position of  Britain. 

“Black Lives Matter protest held in London” 

Combating fair and equal rights requires having a strong understanding and participating. This  may be reading or listening to interviews to help appreciate cultural and systemic inequality and  the significant position communities of color have had in forming the United Kingdom.  Discover what the local authority is looking to address problems including biased policing or 

improved access to medical care. Know the problem and contextualize it in your area to help the  cause effectively. 

“A young protestor sitting at the foot of City Hall in Bristol, listening to the speeches” 

The rise in enthusiasm for Black Lives Matter in the UK has contributed to a growing  engagement in recognizing how racism is being integrated into their culture and systems – and,  most critically, what they should all do to undermine oppressive racial frameworks.

“Black Lives Matter protesters turned out to be in strength in Hyde Park, London.”

Citizens must embrace this public attention and the alternative outlets that have emerged in  reaction to suffering and agony. The United Kingdom and the United States must retain pressure  to have effective answers. A significant piece of research that have been long promoted is the  learning of immigration and imperialism in British schools. 

“Washington DC protesters arrive for ‘largest’ rally” 

Trends like #BlackLivesMatter are not hobbies or social parties or pretentious contemporary  culture occasions to be accessorized. Transition is expected to have an objective, else it’s just a  phenomenon. When we learn whether moderate leaders believe the aims of the Black Lives  Matter campaign are nonsensical, or whether carrying a symbol is personal, or that funding has  to be cut down as it seems like there may be other, more sinister powers at action, what we’re  really saying is: it’s tough – so we’re getting back to our ease zones.