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Interview with Nollywood Actor- Bigvai Oreoluwa

Interview with Nollywood Actor- Bigvai Oreoluwa

Bigvai Jokotoye is one of Nollywood’s finest actors. The popular Nigerian actor is  currently based in the United States of America..Bigvai has been around in the industry  for a while. He has starred in numerous successful Yoruba films. In this interview with  A-CHOICES, the actor speaks about his career,the untimely death of his father, among other issues. 

A-CHOICES:Pls,give us an insight into your background? 

Bigvai: I was born in the early 80s at Ajaawa via ogbomosho, oyo state, Nigeria. My  father is late pastor J.A Jokotoye from Ajaawa while mummy is from Sakete in Rep.  Du Benin. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Started my primary school at St. Mathias,  Erin-Ile in kwara state, my father being a C.A.C pastor was always transferred after 5  years pastoring any church. So, we moved to Bacita in 1988 where I continued my  primary education before moving to Ilofa also in kwara state in 1993 where I had my  secondary education and then Akure in Ondo state in 1997 where I finished my  secondary school in 1999. I was a diploma student in then University of Ado Ekiti  before I dropped out after my father’s death in 2001 and ventured into acting in 2002.  

A-CHOICES:What inspired you to become an actor? 

Bigvai: I picked interest since I started acting in the church as a kid but I decided to  do it full-time when I dropped out of school and I didn’t want to be useless to the  society. The Bible says your talent will speak for you and that inspired me. 

A-CHOICES: You’ve not been so active in movies since moving to America? 

Bigvai: I have been very active here as we are building a new Nollywood in America  with the help of the likes of Bayo Alawiye, Doris Simon, Raymond, Mistura Asuramu,  Gbenga Afolabi, Ajibola Ajibise, Gbemi, Ayokosh and so many other great actors. We  have alot we working on right now. 

A-CHOICES:How many movies have you produced to your credit? 

Bigvai: Two, Epe Ana and Mr Roland 

A-CHOICES:You have been in the industry since 2001 now, can you remember how many movies you have featured in? 

Bigvai: 2002 but I can’t remember to be honest. 

A-CHOICES:which one was your favourite? 

Bigvai: Ikudoro by Toyin Aimakhu, Kurukuru by Yewande Adekoya Abiodun and Mr Bigvai.

A-CHOICES:You lost your father at a very young age which affected furthering your education? 

Bigvai: Yes, it affected my family as a whole as we lost everything to his death. I will  still talk about it one day by God’s grace on how C.A.C leaders then conspired to lie  against my father which led to his death in 2001. 

A-CHOICES:Have you been featured yet in any Hollywood productions? 

Bigvai: Yes, infact I’m granting this interview at one of the locations.

A-CHOICES: Describe creative choice you made on set of a production? 

Bigvai: Suggesting a certain shot for a Director which later became the selling point. 

A-CHOICES: I have seen your new movie-MR ROLAND. Tell us more about your character? 

Bigvai: A very good bad man(lol). He loves his wife but because of the way Nigerians hustle  abroad, the woman has no time and this is the Roland that is sleeping with his wife’s niece, a 15 year  old girl.  

A-CHOICES:Away from acting,which other job do you now do? 

Bigvai: I’m in school and I work as a pharmacy courier. 

A-CHOICES:Which movie was your breakthrough? 

Bigvai: Ikudoro by Toyin Aimakhu Ajeyemi. 

A-CHOICES:Can you please tell us some of your numerous achievements as an actor? 

Bigvai: I have won few awards in Nigeria and here in America, everything I have today  has been achieved directly or indirectly through acting. 

A-CHOICES:What projects are you currently working on? 

Bigvai: The girl on the mountain, Red Blood, Flip side, Out of her mind, Oosha, Gunmi,  The fight, Elizabeth and many more. More of these projects are already going through  post-production. 

A-CHOICES: The issue of veteran actors falling ill and having to crow-fund to pay their bills is quite worrisome. What is your take? 

Bigvai: Until the industry is reformed it won’t change. Marketers should have more  marketing strategies to make more more money, then invest in good producers alone  who produce standard jobs. If Marketers made good money, movies would be well  funded, actors would be well paid. By this way, actors can have health insurance and Bigvai:  

A-CHOICES: Some actors say they don’t watch their movies. Does this hold true for you? 

BIGVAI: No, I’m always eager to watch my movies just to correct myself and learn more. And, more times, I go for well written scripts and I’m always happy being part of it by watching the end product. 

A-CHOICES: When you’re offered a role, what do you do next? 

Bigvai: If I fit in into that character, I will go ahead to negotiate, get my  script and start preparing for the job. I reject any role I don’t see myself fit in 

A-CHOICES: How do you feel being a father? 

Bigvai: I feel great. 

A-CHOICES: What do you do in your spare time? 

Bigvai: Play guitar, soccer, sing, see nature and spend time with my family.

A-CHOICES: One final word for younger ones. 

Bigvai: They should be hardworking, loyal, be patient for the right time and fear  God.