After an experience of Racism from a South Asian shop keeper I got to reflecting. Why on earth do black people allow such foolishness from people without humanity or intelligence. Oh yes. We forgive. It seems every race seems to think black people are an easy target. Even the low subhuman unintelligent delinquent inhumane nonentities mother Earth keeps giving unwarranted oxygen and eyes which shouldn’t even be able to see the beautiful array of colours and wonders of mother earth can even look down on somebody. 

Blacks are the hated people who survive against poverty, disease, slave ships, murder, brutality, divide and conquer and still dance. Still laugh, march, hold our chest high and still don’t crack. When Beyonce titled her album Black is King. She was right, the art, culture, religion, music, dance was awe inspiring. Of course some people who haven’t faced any real oppression were angry Beyonce sees colour. I’ve enjoyed Beyonce’s unbotheredness. It’s time for black people to stop caring what racists think. 

A lot of people including Africans had problems with the voodoo connotations. As  far as I’m concerned. Africans practiced traditional religion for years. It seems as  evil as the voodoo is. They didn’t go out like people with Liberal States, democracy,  police, rule of law, human rights, you forgive but touch us we will use violence  against you colonise half the planet, put people on slave ships, rape women and  continue into this modern day to have unnecessary wars that completely demolish  countries. The West has a lot of nerve to think they can be preachers of human  decency and how a humane society should be run. Certain things like Racism still  go on against black people from the west, Asia and other continents. Sometimes I  get shocked, because I think the West who go and civilised others were too big, too humane, too democratic for that. For those who say someone like me should go  back to Ghana if I like it so much. I’m going to enjoy the fruits of the labour of my  ancestors, the West was built on their labour. So this land is your land this land is  my land. Those worried about immigration don’t worry.

You cannot take my  ancestors gold, silver, human labour, traditional law ( which actually kept crime and  corruption low in Africa, and without the police) and all those wonderful things from  my country and not think I’ll come here to enjoy the fruits of the looted goods and  black labour. 

Unfortunately a lot of presidents of black states are puppets of the West now. The strong leaders like Kwame Nkrumah who they say was a dictator. Even our dictators are fabulous, what a man to start Africa’s independence revolution. When the democracies were trading slaves, colonizing people and looting. I don’t know how the West has managed to make Africa the ones in need of training to be humane. The idea the black man is a criminal has some roots in police brutality. Many gangs in America were formed because the black panthers not the KKK were demonized then arrested. The Black panthers provided education and sense of pride for young black people and black people in general. When they were no longer on the streets young black people in order to protect their communities from the police ( in the West, Carribean and Africa punished black people for just being black ) and anyone else who would harm people from their neighbourhood.It’s black history month for the unbreakable people even corona could not conquer. We are King.