They don’t deserve our money, time or energy. 

Black lives matter has failed at something.They protest but then still go and buy from businesses who don’t have our interests at heart. The police doesn’t deal with crimes suitably for us yet we keep paying their salaries and keep admonishing them like they are real law enforcement. Meanwhile we can refuse to engage with them and campaign to our local Mps about them on a constant basis and we have various traditional and religious means to deal with issues. If you’re not religious you can always make sure a local citezens advice bureau or you ask for help during a police questioning or in your dealings with them. When they ask why we can say it, yes because that’s the word people hate, that their instutionally racist. Let them be mad and get defensive. They don’t care when they treat us unfairly. When local Mps refuse to look after our interests let’s refuse to care and participate in the local community. If we are not going to be treated as fully fledged citezens what has it got to do with me what’s going on in the community or what your policies are. The travellers figured it out along time ago, what’s the point of continuing to participate in a system which doesn’t benifit us. They know black people will always forgive and forget. We need to refuse to give them our money. We need to stop buying from some Asian shops, the ones you know the owners have manners like they were raised in a pen for breeding wild pit bulls. They do it to black people because we will come back even when we have fellow black businesses selling the same items. Most Africans traditionally except the ones who in my country they say were raised like wild chickens, poultry farm animals not human beings are very receptive, respectful and warm. If you don’t want to get involved with the chitty chat that sometimes our local shop owners have lost customers for buy your stuff and leave. We should stop giving our money to racist people. 

When Martin Luther King and the civil rights activists marched. They didn’t march for marching sake no. They boycotted the businesses. Which meant white business lost money.They attacked pockets. When they refused to work, it meant white business lost labour. As much as some Caucasians and Asians want to think they are above us. They seem to not be able to live without black labour or black money. The ironies and stupidity floating through some people’s heads is astounding. Then they think we should get over it and be nice to them and continue sustaining them and their families. Enough is enough. 

If Africa refuses to trade with any European and Asian countries. Let’s see how long they will survive. I know we will, we have food, we have metals and we have labour. I think it’s about time Africa started bargaining and throw away the forgiveness thing. It’s time we get to the point of saying if you won’t treat me well you won’t eat, you won’t have my oil, you won’t have my resources. You won’t also be welcome in my vacinity and I refuse to give you any of my money or labour! We will see how long this world will keep turning. Marching without it costing people their livelyhood, their respect and their humane interaction is not going to solve the problem. We’ve been doing it since the days since Malcom X ( the black revolutionary who was apparently evil because he didn’t let stuff go, yet the KKK can be forgiven) and it seems like it’s not working. So let’s try the tactics that did work. God did not put us out here to be stepped on my fools and pigs who have trampled on our pearls. 

Let’s not give MONEY, TIME, HUMAN DECENCY OR RESPECT TO RACISTS. I don’t even waste my time debating racism with racist people. If you feel their racist they are, and

do the above. BLACK LIVES MATTER and now I see why bame is not an accurate description. I mean black lives, those with black skin, lives matter.