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Adieu Jerry John Rawlings!

Adieu Jerry John Rawlings!

Ghana’s human lion King is now a legendary ancestor. 

My heart was shattered on 12/11/2020. A great king Jerry John Rawlings died and I was speechless. I had always wanted to meet the one who led Ghana from a dire economy to economic stability, who transformed a nation plagued with coups into a stable country and though he had his doubts about democracy, allowed Ghana to be a democracy because the people asked. Rawlings ruled Ghana for almost 20 years. He was a good man who took on the challenge of being Ghana’s king. Ghana was lucky to have him and no words I could ever write could ever be enough to glorify Ghana’s strongman human Hercules. 

His accomplishments are all over the Internet. You are welcome to go read and digest them. However, I want to speak on the man with a heart for his people. Ghana’s shooting star loved his country and most of all he adored his people. Especially the poor, vulnerable and women. Rawlings made universities in Ghana cheaper, his wife posted free nurseries in market places and Rawlings endeavoured to make life easier and fairer for the poor, vulnerable and women. He was a man not afraid to be African, not afraid to display his Ghanaian culture and identity to the world. He was a man who spoke Ghanaian languages with pride. He spoke in his local ewe tongue and though his twi wasn’t perfect he articulated himself in twi too. He also spoke Ga, even though he was well versed in English. 

” If our people lose the courage to confront what is wrong then we become collaborators. ” is one of my favourites quotes by JJ Rawlings. He was a president brave enough to fight corruption and those in the upper classes, those with high positions and those in authority without fear. He waged a war on corruption and tried to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. I pray one day Ghana will once again fight corruption aggressively. Rawlings made women the backbones of his parliament and other governmental offices. He was always seen speaking on how fabulous women were and how all should be grateful for women and the awesome things they do on this planet. His deep gratitude for the female sex could be seen in the way he loved his wife and adored his daughters. As well as his mother who lived to be a 101 and passed away on the 24/09/2020. Rawlings’s mother was a governmental caterer in Ghana’s Golden Jubilee House and his father was a Scottish chemist. His father did not claim him. Yet it’s inspiring to see the child of single mum whose father abandoned him rise to height of president which such a good cause in his heart to make his country peaceful, kind and a place people of all classes could call home. 

Rawlings chemistry with his wife Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings was awe inspiring, they were married for 43 years before Rawlings passed. Theirs was a marriage of passion, love, affection and equality. They exalted and stood by each other for better or for worse. It was a fantastic example for Ghanaians to follow. He believed his wife was his equal and gave her the power to lead and she in turn supported him in everything he did with her intelligence and brilliance. 

Farewell Ghana’s dove who brought peace, stability and love to the country. Go with peace and love ancestor. You have done your part excellently. Thank you for your brave, valiant and remarkable service.

Author: Akosua Darko