Home Politics Kamala Harris The Wicked Witch Of The West Is Alive. Ding Dong!

Kamala Harris The Wicked Witch Of The West Is Alive. Ding Dong!

Kamala Harris The Wicked Witch Of The West Is Alive. Ding Dong!

The first female of colour vice president and female vice president of the United States is okay with putting innocent people in jail and keeping them there for cheap labour on legal technicalities even if they have been proven innocent. Even if the person is serving life in prison. To build up her quotas to climb her career ladder. It is very sad that someone with morals the size of a dot could possibly be the first female president of America. Eleanor Roosevelt is sad. She would have been a president that summoned pride. Even though I’m black and ridiculously proud! It’s a shame from great women like Maya Angelou, Nina Simone, Madame C J Walker, Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks. The first woman of colour vice president laughs at jailing parents of truant kids. The first woman of colour vice president mocked those who preferred building schools instead of prisons. Now Kamala Harris is all for defunding the police and a Black Lives Matter activist because she knows that is what will make her popular enough to hold the presidential and vice presidential posts in America. This woman is an opportunist and opportunists don’t have morals. 

Kamala Harris is apparently well qualified for the top jobs and ‘smart’ yet when she was a lawyer she couldn’t follow the law. She wasn’t smart enough to climb up her career ladder by getting fair convictions or giving fair sentences. She had to hide evidence and make up laws about truancy in her head and give people ridiculous sentences for small marijuana possession. Which she said she took herself in college. How fantastic it is She didn’t get convicted for it and it didn’t ruin her rise to the top, with a criminal record, She never got for perverting the course of justice. Kamala Harris loves putting black, poor and marginalised people in jail. For once I agree with Donald Trump, Kamala Harris is a monster! Unless you are a dirty police officer, rich or an alleged Catholic priest sexual abuser then she won’t prosecute you. 

In 2010, a California Superior Court judge showed evidence of Harris’s DA office of violating defendants’ rights by covering up detrimental information about a drug-lab technician. The failure of Harris’ prosecutors led to the dismissal of more than 600 drug cases. Kevin Cooper was innocent of a crime and put on Death Row, unsurprisingly the police framed him but Kamala opposed his release until the New York Times reported it. Another man George Cage has a 70-year-old sentence for child sexual abuse, the charges were proven false but Harris decided to hold them up on a legal technicality. Cage is now 80, partially blind and still incarcerated. A little Google search on Kamala Harris and false imprisonment brings up too many cases for comfort and Harris has never apologised. 

A little Google search of Kamala Harris and dirty cops, Kamala Harris and Catholic priests, Kamala Harris prosecution record and Kamala Harris and marijuana brings up shocking results. When Tulsi Gabbard ripped Kamala Harris about her prosecution records Kamala Harris like Pinocchio’s nose started twitching and she couldn’t answer questions about malpractice, she said she was proud of her record. 

Martin Luther Kings words still stand though. We judge by the content of character not the colour of skin. Kamala Harris’s character is an F. 

The Wicked Witch Of The West Is Alive. People of colour, poor and marginalised hide yourself, hide your kids, even if you are innocent for cheap labour you maybe institutionalised.

Author: Akosua Darko