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Law and Business in Bulgaria

Law and Business in Bulgaria

I represent „Dimitrov & Partners” Law Firm, we are registered in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. Founded in 1993 as an independent law office, over the years we grew into a law firm uniting lawyers with varied experience in all fields of law. To find out about our legal services, visit our web site www.dp-lawfirm.com. We also have working partnerships with numerous law firms and legal practitioners around the world.  

Our focus is to support the international business sector, companies that wish to invest in the various sectors of the Bulgarian economy – banks, finance, private companies, real estate, agriculture, tourism, transport, natural resources, etc.  

We have also established a real estate agency to support the needs of property investors coming to Bulgaria.  

Bulgaria is known for still having the 4 defined seasons – summer, autumn, winter, and spring. We have contrasting beautiful mountains and the Black Sea coast. Bulgaria is one of the few countries in the world that has a large amount of fresh drinking water, it springs directly from the earth core and its purity makes it suitable for consumption without processing, the country also has large mineral water sources.

That makes it a potentially attractive destination for investors or individuals wishing to relocate. 

Not to mention, that the Corporate Tax is only 10% and the VAT is at 20%. 

Our legal services are aimed at consulting, supporting, and conducting all procedures from company registration to accommodation and real estate settlement of incoming and established investors. We carry out full legal due diligence of companies, including from tax perspective. We provide full assistance for individuals with financial opportunities wishing to buy a property or business in Bulgaria, and after a successful accomplishment we can become their trustworthy legal representative. 

We are focused and have sufficient long term experience in international business and international transactions.  

Bulgaria has a Law for Protection of the foreign company and private investments, it also has a legal provision for obtaining a residential status and citizenship application as a result of an investment. 

This is important because Bulgaria is an EU country and when you settle in Bulgaria and base your company’s headquarters here, you enjoy the status of a European company. 

The IT industry is highly developed here, Bulgaria is known for recruitment of good IT programmers, which is the main reason for many companies from the USA, Ireland and others have established their outsourcing company branches in Bulgaria. 

Furthermore, the tourist industry here also provides good opportunities for skiing in the winter and seaside holidays in summer. Although in the last year this sector has been the worst affected by the Covid-19, the pandemic will soon pass and this is a perfect timing for investors to identify new destinations for establishing a business or new business ventures. 

Over the years through our solid legal expertise, we have served already established clients in Bulgaria and abroad. We hope you will be one of them, too. 

Welcome to Bulgaria!