London: “The power of women in politics is a soft power”, said Kosovo’s first-ever female President, Atifete Jahjaga. 

Justina Mutale has gone ahead to reveal that power, by writing a book that chronicles the leadership journey and stories of iconic female world leaders through the ages. 

“This book is making a timely debut at a significant moment in world  history… a time in which issues of gender parity, and the empowerment of  women, are taking their pride of place in global discourse”, says Senator  Donzella J. James, Senate of the State of Georgia, USA. 

Despite growing numbers of female world leaders and changing mind-sets, leadership continues to be dominated by men. In her book, Justina Mutale argues that throughout history we have seen many powerful women across the world excel in leadership and demonstrate key characteristics that, if emulated and embraced, have the power to fundamentally change society for the better. Within her new book, “The Art of Iconic Leadership”, Justina delves into the past and present of iconic women to inspire the trailblazing leaders of the future and implore them to harness opportunities for global change. 

“This book is my gift to the next generation woman, to every young woman and every girl. A gift to inspire their leadership journey and to let them know that it is possible to lead as a female”, say Justina Mutale  

Justina’s specialist knowledge regarding the strategies to excel as a female leader is evident from her distinctive track record. Justina is a seasoned professional speaker, delegate, event convenor, mentor and leadership coach. She discusses her own first-hand experiences in the book, both the successes and challenges, to motivate readers. With this in mind, proceeds from the book go to the Scholarship Fund at the Justina Mutale Foundation to help disadvantaged you women and girls from rural communities in Africa access tertiary education across the globe. 

Within the book, which pulls together politics, gender, economy, strategy, leadership and geo-politics, Justina has identified a number of different characteristics, many of these soft skills, that she believes are fundamental for effective leadership and have been consistently exhibited by female leaders across history, including courage, compassion, resilience and purpose. She also delves into how millennials are leading differently, reflecting on Jacinda Ardern’s impressive success to date. 

“The entry of this book into the global literary market is both welcome and  necessary… it plays its part in an enduring legacy to inspire women and 

girls this century and beyond”, Says Baroness Sandip K. Verma, Chair of UN  Women UK & Member of The House of Lords. 

To demonstrate the power of these characteristics she showcases key female leaders in history, bringing the achievements of women across the world to the fore to show just what is possible with women at the helm. Justina recounts the reign of Catherine the Great of Russia and how she exercised her creativity to bring innovation like no other. Justina also discusses Queen Elizabeth II and the successful leadership characteristics she has embodied throughout her reign, including astute emotional intelligence. The book has a global focus and includes many women outside of the western world that perhaps readers may not have heard of, including Nkosazana Clairice Dlamini-Zuma, the first ever woman to lead the African Union Commission. She is also the first ever woman to present herself as a presidential candidate in South Africa. 

It is clear that the coronavirus pandemic has proved the effectiveness of female leadership in times of crisis, and it is essential this recognition is not lost. Justina argues that female leaders are infinitely capable and flourish given the same opportunities as their male counterparts. The Art of Iconic Leadership is the perfect read for anyone seeking a comprehensive guide to the power of secrets of female world leaders. It is an ideal read for any aspiring female leader keen to learn about the past and the present, so they can be prepared to be the future and command real change. The Art of Iconic Leadership”, hit No.1 international bestseller on its first day of release in December 2020. 

The book is available at Amazon as well as in book stores, airports, and E book platforms, as well as some libraries and universities around the world. 

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About the Author

Acclaimed as one of the most influential and inspirational women of African origin, Dr Justina Mutale is the “African Woman f the Year” 2012,an honour bestowed upon Justin on the same platform as Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa as well as the former President of Malawi, The Rt. Hon. Joyce Bandar and the former female Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, The Hon. Tanzanian Ketchup. Justin has twice been honoured on the same platform as the first President of the Republic of Zambia Dr Kenneth Kaunda in the Voice Achievers Awards in the Netherlands and the Global Officials of Dignity (G.O.D.) Awards held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. 

Justina is the Founder & President of the Justina Mutale Foundation and its Scholarship Programme for underprivileged African Young Women. She is also Founder of POSITIVE RUNWAY: The Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread of HIV/AIDS. Named as one of Africa’s most respected names, well known faces, and influential voices, Justina is listed in various Who’s Who Lists, Power Lists and Influential Lists, including the 100 Most Influential Creatives; Black Women in Europe Power List; Global Women Leaders Hall of Fame; and the Black 100+ Hall of Fame, an Exhibition & Legacy of the top 100 Black Achievers in modern Britain. She is also a Distinguished Member of the Royal Biographical Institute and the Global Institute of Human Excellency.

Justina has been honoured for her outstanding and phenomenal leadership qualities as a National and Regional Stateswoman; as well as Global Leader of the Year, and Iconic Woman Leader of the Decade. She serves on the Board of the World Leaders Forum and is Global Ambassador and Spokesperson of the International Women’s Think Tank. A civil society delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) and the African Union High Level Panel on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, Justina serves as President, Patron, Ambassador, Trustee, Board Member, Advisor and Mentor to various humanitarian, charitable and community organisations in the UK and overseas. Prior to founding her own organisations, Justina worked in the Commonwealth Secretariat in London. 

Among others, Justina serves on the Boards of the World Leaders Forum (Dubai); British Award for African Development (UK); Young CEO’s Global Forum; African Achievers Awards (Africa); Resource Alliance (UK); WEforWE Global Campaign for Women (India); Young African Leaders Forum (Africa). She is also the Fashion Editor/ Senior Media Adviser of A CHOICES Magazine,London,UK. She is the Honorary President of the Martial Arts Academy (France); and acts as Advisor and Mentor to the Young African Leaders Forum.

Justina has been featured as a Hero in the Capital Finance International Journal,which brings coverage and analysis of the drivers behind change by combining the views of leading multilateral and national organizations with thought leadership from some of the world’s top minds. Having gained global recognition for her ability, as a public personality to use her status to potentially influence the thinking of both Africans and non-Africans alike, Justina is featured among Africa’s most respected names, well-known faces, and influential voices who inspire the future, motivate the young generation, and raise the profile to positively alter the perceptions of Africa and Africans around the world. 

Justina Mutale with Gbenga TeeJay Okunlola, Editor-in-chief A-Choices Magazine