stressed african businesswoman sitting in office

I’ve been told I’m clever. It’s a fact. I’ve been told I’m talented also a fact. Yet I don’t understand why it’s being shoved down my throat that it’s by force for me to be a boss woman. That having a career and climbing up the business ladder is something I should aspire to. If as a woman that’s your dream, fair enough. Yet I feel like in this generation is become by force to want to be a girl boss. Of course I want to be independent financially and I think everyone should aspire to that or at least be in a position were one can support themselves. In my opinion I see nothing wrong if that is coming from your partner who has more than enough for you both to share. 

I think this new age were it’s being shoved down women’s throat to desire a career more than anything else in order to run the world is damaging. Some women may want that, but what about the women who feel wrong for not wanting a career or wanting to just work to have enough to support their family and do other things. I don’t understand why every woman has to be a boss. Unfortunately when I was younger I got sucked into this idea. I was so obsessed with the idea I had to accomplish and be ‘somebody’ I was not aware that I didn’t want to be a female boss. I’m not ashamed to say I don’t even like working. The only work I enjoy is writing but I wouldn’t say I want to be a female boss or anything of a sort because I appreciate my leisure time and I would rather work in an industry were I have a work life balance and a life in which I can do my creative work. 

A lot of people ask me why I don’t want to go into the UN, get a big name position or do something big. The answer is I don’t care. The truth of the matter is since I was a child I haven’t cared. Sometimes people are so impressed by my degrees and some of the things I’ve accomplished. In all honesty education is fantastic. I enjoyed learning, I still do and I loved university. Nevertheless I didn’t really care about the piece of paper as much as I loved class. I hate writing essays. Yet I loved Creative Writing, I loved the literature debates, I loved reading ( not really academic theory) and I loved the social aspects. Now I realised I loved university because I was allowed to be creative and thoroughly enjoy myself. I just want a job that allows me to go to work, be creative and go home and have a life! Money, status, position have never ever motivated me. Honestly if I can be creative, design stuff, write, speak and do me. 

I don’t care if I only have 10 pieces of clothes and live in a small flat forever. It’s funny I use to wonder why some scientists and Creatives were very comfortable in their minimalist lives. Now I understand it’s enough to live, enjoy yourself and have enough to sustain your needs. That may not be for everybody, it may not be in vogue. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. It’s enough for me and should be enough for other women who want this to.

Author: Akosua Darko


London, UK