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Reached Your Limit?

Reached Your Limit?

How far is too far when it comes to pushing your body ?Overdoing exercise can lead to injuries and may actually end up erasing all of the benefits that you have achieved so far. Because our bodies are trained to adapt as part of our human survival instinct, there will inevitably come a time when your body just starts to coast along and no improvement is seen or felt. 

This is called reaching a plateau. It is basically your body getting used to doing he same thing-it is also telling you that you have achieved your body’s potential prior to that activity or the intensity of the activity. This doesn’t mean that you are losing fitness-you could still be in great shape and maintain your fitness -but if you want to increase it, then you will need to start changing things . This same kind of plateau is seen in weight -loss diets and can be very demoralising. 

The serious consequence of exercising too much and too fast

In order to progress with your fitness program you do need to put what is also important is to learn to listen to your body. I would always recommend that exercise beginners gradually increase the duration of their activity, rather than the intensity , at the start of the exercise program. When you feel comfortable with a longer duration, then you can start to cut that down and increase the intensity . 

 It is important to remember that we are all very different-one size certainly does not fit all. Some people react well to Hit workouts and others don’t. Some people react well to running ,some to walking and others prefer playing sport or taking part in a session of yoga or Pilates. Above all, I feel what is really important is to understand that doing exercise that leaves you unable to walk on a regular basis means you are not listening to your body. The key to fitness is balance in all areas. Rest, sleep, relaxation, nutrition, hydration and goal setting. As important as it is to push yourself with exercise, it is critical to know your limits. Whether you are new to fitness or a regular exerciser, this is vital to your success. If you listen to your body, respect yourself, appreciate all the smallest achievements(this could be something as simple as drinking an extra glass of water a day) 2021 will be the year you hit every one of your goals.

Author: Linda .R. Jones

London, UK