Home Entertainment London-born actor fears deportation after Home Office revoked his residency status

London-born actor fears deportation after Home Office revoked his residency status

London-born actor fears deportation after Home Office revoked his residency status

A successful UK-born actor is facing deportation to Jamaica, threatening his film career and potentially tearing his family apart, A-Choices magazine can reveal. 

“I’ve been working,I’ve had a family,I was born and grown here, I’ve worked with the Met Police, the London Mayor’s office, helping tackle youth violence… so why are you troubling me?” the actor has asked.

A London-born actor whose residency status was revoked by the Home Office has launched a petition to secure a permanent stay in the UK over fears he could be deported to a country he has only visited twice.Acting union Equity aslo has set up a petition calling on the Home Office to allow Ruele to be granted indefinite leave to remain

Actor and motion capture specialist Ace Ruele Aristotles,33,whose TV credits include EastEnders and New Blood,was born in London to a Jamaican family.His mother did not have a British citizenship at the time but he was granted indefinite leave to remain.At the age of 19 Ruele, whose legal name is Ace Kentake, was jailed for three years for offences including robbery, and was reportedly threatened with deportation upon his release.

Since his conviction the father-of-three turned his life around, leading a successful acting career alongside working with the Met Police on rehabilitation programmes for young people.But in 2016,the Home Office changed the actor’s residency status. He was granted limited leave to remain in 2019, which must be renewed every 30 months at a cost of £2,389.If this status expires, Ruele could be deported to Jamaica, a country he has only visited twice in his lifetime.Under the terms of limited leave to remain, the actor is not eligible to receive benefits should he need them and cannot travel overseas for work as he does not hold a passport, so he cannot work abroad. 

The actor said: “Though I am not directly affected by the Windrush scandal, I can relate to the persecution that many have faced and are still facing by the Home Office.“ My heart goes out to them all, as my fight is their fight and the Home Office must be held accountable for its ruthless behaviour.” According to a Home Office spokesperson : “ Mr Kentake’s Indefinite Leave to Remain was revoked as a result of criminality.“ He was subsequently granted limited leave to remain which enables him to stay and work in the UK. It is incorrect to report that he is facing deportation.

Author: Linda .R. Jones

London, UK