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Opposites do not attract compliments do

Opposites do not attract compliments do
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Please date and Marry someone who loves you.A lot of people are getting married to their worst enemies because when they were dating they found them interesting and thought they were going to change them into who they wanted them to be. Ladies and Gentlemen if you’re dating someone and they want to control and tell you, who you should be and who you should become. Run for your life. That person doesn’t love you, respect you and they don’t even like you. It’s nothing but the truth.

You are not a project and you’re not raw paint for someone’s desired painting. Your partner is not your God, they shouldn’t be dictating your character or your life. Someone who is a good match for you will push you to be your best self and encourage you to be brave to be fully yourself because they love who you are and want you to be the best of that you can be. So they will prod you to improve. Someone who will leave you suffocated, depressed and hating yourself will always say if only you were someone you’re not you’ll be perfect.

If you marry or date someone for their money, title or position, only their looks (sexual attraction is very important, otherwise you’ll always be looking for other eye candy and you won’t enjoy the physical aspects of your relationship and that is very important, however it’s not the be and end all of a relationship), or peer pressure, the type your friends and family will be giving you praise for, make sure these things will sustain you. Don’t expect the person to satisfy you in any other way apart from what you went for because you didn’t go for who they are. You went to collect something so if you’re unsatisfied that’s on you.

It’s better to be with someone you love for who they are, not who you wish they were or what you’ll gain. Otherwise for better for worse, richer or poor, sickness or health, till death do you part, is going to be hard for you because love can overcome the hardest things. However, convenience and shallowness can never win over any deep situation. Life is not a fairytale, things will happen that are not in your favour and you have to be able to come out on top.

Lastly the poor rhetoric going around that just because someone is educated, or Miss independent, or Mr position means they are a good mate is not true. The clothes do not always fit the man. Intelligence or certificates doesn’t mean someone is moral, kind or has the same mindset as you. Never let anyone use their position or money to intimidate you into being their project. No matter how fantastic they are they’re not God. They are not even mother nature who sustains life. You are a valuable person too.

 Money doesn’t make someone responsible or a person of value. Also just because someone is very committed to God or their religion doesn’t mean they will be your God on Earth or you’re compatible. Remember you date and marry the person after you take of all the titles, what other people think about them and their money. You date and marry their emotions and personality. Make sure you like those and make sure they like those parts of you.

Do not sacrifice yourself in the name of a perfect man or woman. If they were perfect they would love and accept you the good, bad and ugly. That’s the perfect person for you, not someone you have to pretend to be who they want you to be before you’re loved or worthy to be with them. Anybody you have to kill yourself, your dreams and ambitions for to be the person they can value is your demon and you should run far away from them. 

Author: Akosua Darko


London, UK