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Miss Eco UK 2021 Grand Finalists

Miss Eco UK 2021 Grand Finalists

Hello Everyone, My name is Akosua Darko I’m a Miss Eco UK finalist.

Eco Pageants UK was “established in July 2020, Eco Pageants UK aims to provide a national competition with integrity and strong advocacy. We will uphold the values of education and empowerment for all of our contestants and queens.

Our director, Molly-Marie Buckley, has been motivated by her own experiences in the UK pageant industry to bring competition to the UK pageant family that fights for our planet whilst being 100% glamorous! Our aim is to inspire the next generation of Eco Queens and to join our candidates on a learning journey, we are looking for queens who care! “The winner will go on to represent the UK at the Miss Eco International finals,

” WHAT IS MISS ECO INTERNATIONAL? International beauty pageant founded by LTCP-UN project. Miss Eco International is an International Beauty competition that brings together representatives of different cultures and traditions from all over the world Its main objective is to promote the importance of saving our planet environmentally in addition to marketing tourism across the world. This competition focuses on the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit of all the candidates that represent all the countries from all over the world.”

I entered the contest to promote sustainability, saving the planet, and show how the natural world is the best provider of beauty products, medicines, body health, and an oasis for mental well-being. Sheer Butter and Aloe Vera have done wonders for my eczema, skin, natural hair, and walks in nature really soothe my anxiety disorder, having being diagnosed with PCOS I had to look at healthier less processed food options and can testify healthy eating makes my body healthier and makes me feel more energised.

These are just examples of how nature has blessed me. I think it’s important to educate on the benefits of saving our planet through sustainable fashion and the beauty has for us. Also, Africa has some fantastic ingenuity when it comes to natural beauty it’s the home of Sheer Butter, Aloe Vera, glass beads, and some very natural forms of make-up and weaving of clothes.

 I managed to raise 145 pounds last year, each 50 p went to planting a tree. I’m looking for paid sponsorship for my Miss Eco UK campaign, the exclusive sponsorship is 250 pounds for a whole year of advertisement using my Miss Eco finalist brand. The medium package is 100 pounds and basic 50 pounds please email me at cosiakosua@gmail.com.

I am also looking for hair and make-up as well as sustainable clothing sponsors to offer to do my hair and makeup and supply me clothes at the pagent. I will advertise them on my platforms and the pageant platforms as well.

I’m also looking for donations to my campaign and I am raising money for The Wildlife Trusts: “We are a grass roots movement that believes we need nature and it needs us. More than 850,000 members and 35,000 volunteers work together with their Wildlife Trust to make their local area wilder and make nature part of life, for everyone. Every Wildlife Trust is an independent charity. We’d love you to join”

Below is the link to my donations and fundraising page:https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-me-try-to-heal-our-planet?utm_medium=email&utm_source=product&utm_campaign=p_email%2B7500-amplify_campaign

The final is on the 7/8/ 2021, so please email me as soon as possible if you’re interested. Many thanks.