Four housemates were put up for possible eviction last Sunday by Maria and Pere, the two had the chance to nominate housemates for eviction after other housemates failed to identify them as the wildcards.

Maria nominated Yerins, Beatrice, Jaypaul, and Whitemoney while Pere nominated Beatrice, Yerins, Niyi and Whitemoney however, after winning the head of the game, Boma saved Jaypaul with his veto power as head of house and replace him with Yousef. Boma also nominated Jackie-B as deputy head of house, Jackie accepted without any hesitation.

In all, Beatrice, Yerins, Whitemoney, Niyi, and, Yousef making a total of five house mates up for possible eviction.

The second Saturday party of the season 6 reality show was a hit with DJ Nana in the house; the housemates were dazzled in jean and fur costumes. DJ Nana understood the assignment of the night, she aptly played and delivered. Nana rocked the party with a fine mix of classic and new Nigerian hits that kept the housemates on their toes while they sipped some dry gin from Gordons. 

Big Brother unveiled a total twist to the show during the Sunday eviction show.  Yerins becomes the first housemate to be evicted from season 6 of the reality TV show, followed by Beatrice and then Niyi. Big Brother now introduced four new housemates to the show, a new twist on the season 6.

Michael, Kayvee, Jumoke JMK, and Queen were the new housemates introduced to the show. 

Michael is a dramatist and an entertainer, he doesn’t like pretending. He said he will never be fight over girls, food or chores in the Big Brother house.

Kayvee 26-year-old is a photographer and a self-confessed bad boy and is ready to spice things up in the house with dance moves and positive energy. He said his background will help him stay focused in the game.

Jumoke JMK a 23-year-old graduate of law said she is ready to spice up the show by being the life of the party, she said viewers will love her because of her positive though she doesn’t have a strategy for winning the show.

Queen is a happy girl and likes to show off her body, she also feels that clothes are over rated. She is an entrepreneur and politician; she intends to be nice to all other housemates but will not hesitate to bite anyone that steps on her toes. 

Who is your favorite housemate and what are your expectations of the show? Let us know in the comment section.


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