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Ghanaian Woman Weds Fellow Woman

Ghanaian Woman Weds Fellow Woman

LGBT Ghana’s page on social media have boldly shared intimate photos and congratulated two Ghanaian women who married themselves in another classic wedding. Within the two, we couldn’t distinguish which of them was the male and female as they both wore female wedding gowns.

One of them was seen sitting on a wheel chair as they exchanged vows. It also emerged that the couple are living in the New York City in the United States of America.Recently,another couple who are males broke the internet with a classic wedding. These two LGBT marriage ceremonies gives a clear indication that they are unpurturbed about the threats from their mother country.

Well, who are we to judge, we can talk about our customs and traditions which frowns on LGBT activities in Ghana. Could there be laws to let interpol go and capture Ghanaians who flout these rules ?Well, let’s See how it goes as Sam George and his colleagues keep fighting to make fmore stringent laws.

Author: Okunlola Kayode. F


Lagos, Nigeria