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Last week was an interesting one in Big Brother house. A lot went down in the house, from Emmanuel winning the veto power and making Liquorose and Cross Head of House respectively, to some fights and Nini Disappearing from the house on Biggies prank.

Big Brother had a twist for the Head of House game, he introduced what he called “the ultimate veto power” which saw Emmanuel taking the power and having the chance to automatically be in the grand finale. He had the power to appoint the Head of House and deputy, Liquorose and Cross were lucky to be picked which also gave them a slot to be in the grand finale and also compete for the grand prize of 90million.

Whitemoney, Saga, Pere, Angel, Nini and, Queen were up for possible eviction on Sunday during the live eviction show. 

Typical of Big Brother house the week was filled with task from different brands to keep housemates busy while they win some gifts. They task from Munchit, TravelBeta, Piggyvest among other task.

Big Brother pulled off a big prank on housemates as he asked Nini to pick some toiletries and sneak from the house in the middle of the night, other housemates woke up to Nini’s absence they were all worried as to what must have happened Saga on the other hand was worried, sad and mad at Big Brother.

Nini’s absence almost made Saga loose his mind as he angrily knocked on the diary room door to demand answers from Biggie. Saga later brought his beddings to sleep in front of the diary room; Saga didn’t find her disappearance funny at all.

During the week Pere and Angel were involved in a heated argument. Angel was infuriated because Pere agreed to a comment Nini had said about her.  

The dance floor was obviously scanty as the housemates partied to vibes from DJ Swizz and DJ Jamsmyth. The housemates step into the party arena in their gorgeous Mima Xclusive neon and black ensembles which allow them dance freely. 

The housemates dance their lives out as it was the last party in Biggie’s house for some of the nominated housemates. The Saturday party has a certain vibe and the housemates really had a good time.

Big Brother always has a twist to introduce to the show; the Sunday eviction saw a twist that led Pere and Angel battle for the 5th position in the grand finale. The twist has however spark reactions among viewers of the show because voting results shows that Pere was leading with a good margin ahead of Angel.

Pere and Angel were sent to the white room to play a game Biggie called a game of “truck and screwdrivers.” They are to dissemble a toy truck Big Brother had set for them; the first to dissemble will walk back to the house as the 5th housemate and also compete for the final prize.

However, the journey ended for Queen, Nini and, Saga as Whitemoney scaled to the grand finale.

As the show comes to an end this week, what are you expecting and who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comment section

Kangmwa Gofwen.