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68th Birthday Wishes

68th Birthday Wishes

Here is to my best friend, confidant, mentor for the past 27 years of my life from Bulgaria to London, UK.

Lubka Pishmanova

You’re 68? I think that’s great. A full life is a treasure of time no one could underestimate. 68 is truly great. Don’t forget to run and play on this special day. We stay young and play. Nurture a heart that remains a part of eternal youth. Celebrate the blessing of time to make us wise. I wish you new wisdom and a young heart on this new day marking a new year. Long may you live in happiness, joy, and love with your beautiful family Mike and Vicky. God Bless You, Madam, God Bless my beautiful friend of 27 years. Obicham te Mnogo Madam.  God bless you and your husband Mike for all that you have done for me in Bulgaria…for making my passage very easy and smooth, forever, I shall be grateful and indebted to you and Mike….Love you guys…Hip!Hip!Hip! Hooray!!!😘😘💓💓💗💗❤❤❤

With Love,  

Gbenga  Teejay Okunlola