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Amid the wide streams of Tiwa’s hit single “Somebody’s son” she revealed that she is been blackmailed by an unknown person with a leaked video of her and her new man making out.

She made this revelation in an interview she granted an American OAP, Angie Martinez of Power 105.1. She said “it’s a tiny clip but it’s me and it’s going to be out there forever. There are probably going to be memes.” 

Owning to the trending video, the hit star said she is aware of the implications it might cause her but she is an adult and she was doing something natural.

She further explained that the video was accidentally posted on Snapchat by her lover who deleted it after he realized his error but a stalker got hold of the video before it was taken down.

In her words, “I am not going to call it a sex tape but its tape between me and the person I am dating right now… It is not from someone working closely with me. What happened is that the person made it on snap and he posted it by accident, but he quickly deleted it.

“However, someone got it before he could delete it. It is a very short video but it is me. It is going to be out there and I can just imagine the memes. I just found out yesterday, I could not sleep last night.” 

The singer also revealed that the said video was made last month and the person has since been trying to extort money from her but she was not ready to allow anyone blackmail her for doing something that is natural she said. “I am that crazy I could put it out myself, you are not making any money off me…” she added.

Tiwa, 41, said she tried to manage the situation but to no avail. She said “we tried to stall them but I later decided that I am going to own the narrative. I am not ashamed of it; this is someone I am dating, I am not cheating so is he, we are grown-ups.

“I cannot believe this is happening to me. I feel for my fans because they will have to keep defending me. I can switch off my phone or have someone run my account so I do not see all that, but my fans will feel the need to protect me. I will like my fans to ignore it.”

The video has continued to generate widespread reactions on several social media platforms and true to her words, several memes have emerged from the said video.

Reacting to the video, popular Instagram blogger Gistlover said there was no sex tap, the singer just made up the blackmail story to promote her single ‘somebody’s son’. Responding to the allegations Tiwa on her Instagram story wrote “you hate how I was able to control the narrative and get ahead of a story before it consumed me, and how I’m able to joke on stage about something you thought should destroy me and make me feel ashamed.”

Before the video surfaced online, Tiwa had made jokes about it on stage in an event organized by Lagos state government.

Tiwa had told her 13million fans to let it go and not bother to defend her, she recounts that she has a good relationship with her fans. 

The 41-year-old singer is not the first Nigerian celebrity to be blackmailed, and will certainly not be the last.

Author: Kangmwa Gofwen

Lagos Bureau Chief, Nigeria