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The African countries, stunning in pageantry this year.

The African countries, stunning in pageantry this year.

South Africa is known for sending some of the most dynamic beauties to miss World. From bald hair, to cropped cuts, to long hair, to different body types and women who just exude confidence, class, a defiant spirit and courage, as well as the strength to be absolutely at peace with being themselves and being different. There is no shame in their culture, their obstacles, their journeys and the good and bad parts of their country. They are real to the core, authentic, vulnerable and always personable.

In fact I got goosebumps listening to Miss World South Africa Shudufhadzo Musida’s interview. It was truly real and heartfelt. I love how especially their black representatives are really proud of their black beauty, if only all other African countries learned from South Africa we would do a lot better in these competition. Not only that the black contestants tend to inspire confidence in that there are different types of beauties and they are valid. 

They can be just as intelligent, presentable, worthy of love, beautiful and still deserve to walk the Earth with confidence. That African culture is something to be celebrated. Also villages and rural parts of Africa are not a symbol of shame, neither are struggles. Neither is traditional culture and their videos are some of the most creative, beautiful and affirming.

Nigeria usually sends some good contenders. Nevertheless I missed the Nyekachi Douglas type of flavour they usually bring. Nigeria is usually not shy to really flaunt it’s culture. As well as send some wonderful personalities, this year their contestants felt a bit flat and boring. There wasn’t the natural elegance and 2 face’s African Queen vibe of their Miss World Winner Agbani Darego, the first African to win, or the natural charm and beauty of Nkechi ( I miss the natural hair show as well). 

Miss World Ivory Coast Olivia Yacé has taken the world by storm. She is just phenomenal. As an Akan, I have loved the uniqueness of her outfits portraying the Akan culture. She looks like an African goddess. No one saw Ivory Coast coming. My my, it looks like they may snatch the Miss World Crown for the first time. I love her pride in her culture. She is also ridiculously intelligent. I love seeing what outfits she would grace us with next, which are African through and through.

 I love people who are proud of their heritage. From the beads to the golden jewelry, to the head wraps, to the walk that is filled with joy, laughter, and sexiness. She exudes a francophone. She is dark, dark chocolate, and proud! It’s beautiful to see. She showed as her country, from the villages to the traditional dances and festivals, to the glass buildings, to castles, to forests, and to wildlife, to football. To traditional music and food. For a country that usually isn’t seen as a tourist go to, she sold it, fantastically. I even want to go to Ivory Coast to buy some dresses.

Miss World Kenya,  Sharon Obara, also isn’t afraid to drape herself in her culture. Kenya’s are also known for flaunting their culture and giving us dynamic women. Once again, there was a showcasing showing wildlife, villages, culture, tradition, tourists sites, and Kenya clothes, beads, head wraps, etc. Kenya usually does very well in pageants. With her powerful message on mental health care. Like South Africa and Ivory Coast, she has made the top 30.

Botswana’s Palesa Molefe was another interesting surprise, very sweet and lovely, a true artist, whose introduction video is simply breathtaking, I am still in awe of it, she showed the traditional side of Botswana, and how she came from it, a diamond, from the land of diamonds. A real contender and she just exudes positivity and is very intelligent, with a bald head she makes it to the top 30.

Cameroon’s Audrey Nabila Monkam also makes it to the top 30 in Miss World, a natural beauty too. She walks well on the runaway and she talks well, she is also very sweet. Only South Africa’s poised, confident and Resilient Lalela Mwasne was the only African that made the made the top 16 in Miss Universe, and she came in 3 places. Yet Namibia’s  Chelsi Shikongo with her short crop and confidence was an absolute pleasure to watch. She was incredibly regal with just something about her that made you want to know. Sadly she didn’t make it to the top 16, but she made her mark. 

As usual, I’m quite disappointed in Ghana’s choice. There’s a false authenticity with Monique Mawulawe Agbedekpui, as well as blandness. I just felt the introduction video of just pictures and not actual sites made it so boring to watch the video. I wished they would find another bubbly personality like Naa Okailey Shooter who made the top 3. Yet for the next couple of years, until we can find somebody who embodies natural pride or has a distinct identity, we will continue to not place. For Miss Universe again, Naa Morkor Commodore, a beautiful girl who was not interesting, and the outfits they both wore in a country with some amazing designers were also a bore. 

The African girls are slaying in Miss World this year especially and I am enjoying every bit of it.  Most of all I love it when black and African women are totally in control of their beauty and image, not tied by stereotypes and confident in who they are. Some of these girls really exude that with courage and defiance. I have a soft spot for Miss World South Africa, a bullied girl with the same story as me, who didn’t find herself again till she went to 6 forms and experienced kindness from others. Her project to stop suicide and campaign for mental health as well as encourage bullied kids is simply marvellous,  she said the mind is a powerhouse, and so is she. ” I was mercilessly bullied as a child, so I wrote a book about finding my magic, for South African children” ( Miss World South Africa 2021) If she wins, which she has a big chance to and she is shining. I think I may just cry. An incredibly beautiful strong soul and I think her and Miss Ivory Coast are my favourites.

Author: Akosua Darko


London, UK