Home Sports Francis Ngannou unifies UFC heavyweight title with a unanimous decision over Ciryl Gane

Francis Ngannou unifies UFC heavyweight title with a unanimous decision over Ciryl Gane

Francis Ngannou unifies UFC heavyweight title with a unanimous decision over Ciryl Gane

I don’t know if you’re MMA or UFC fans but if you like movies where the human spirit overcomes all obstacles and the good guy wins at the end, then a former homeless man from Cameroon Africa who beat all odds to become and retain the UFC Heavyweight Championship of the world is better than any movie I’d ever wish to watch! Arguably the baddest man on the planet, he has become a hero to his country and a world Icon while remaining humble. He is the epitome of class and dignity in a time that the world rewards and encourages the very opposite. Sometimes becoming a champion reveals the greatness we have in all of us but sometimes the greatness is already there. Francis was a winner and champion long before he stepped in the ring. 

Francis Ngannou is perhaps the most frightening power-puncher in UFC history. But he reminded everyone on Saturday night of January 22 that he is not only that. Ngannou showed off a well-rounded game and immeasurable heart — befitting the champion he is. 

Ngannou’s UFC 270 main event in Anaheim, California, ended with challenger Ciryl Gane horizontal on the canvas too. But Ngannou employed a whole different way of putting him there, using four takedowns to seize control in a fight he was losing and earn a unanimous decision in his first title defense. For Ngannou, it was his first career victory by decision. 

This was not the Ngannou we’ve come to expect. Trading the fast and furious for patient and persistent, the champ unveiled an evolved fighter who’ll be fascinating to watch in UFC title defenses to come. Ngannou is now in a position to try to deliver one of his old-fashioned thumpings. This one, however, would occur outside the Octagon. If he follows through with his insistence that he will sit out a year to free himself from his contractual obligation to the UFC, Ngannou would be delivering a knock-the-wind-out-of-you gut punch to MMA’s leading promotion. 

Francis in a recent interview said “I don’t feel like I have a promoter anymore.” With Dana White not putting the belt around Ngannou following his title defense, and then not showing up for the post-UFC 270 news conference, it could be an indicator of the UFC president’s current thoughts on the matter. 

Hearing Ngannou’s sentiments on the state of his relationship with the UFC has to make hearts beat a little faster in the chests of other MMA promoters. If Ngannou cannot work things out with the UFC, he would be the most sought-after free agent the sport has ever seen in one year’s time.

Author: Okunlola Kayode. F


Lagos, Nigeria