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You will live Happily

You will live Happily

Once upon a time,

There were 4 wicked girls called Jackqueline, Courtnae, Steffi, and Rebecca, they knew a beautiful girl called Akonoba, they were determined to destroy, she was beautiful, soft-hearted, kind and graceful. Yet treated like a dirty tag by many in the land. For Jackqueline it’s because she was jealous of all Akonoba was yet because of the darkness in her heart she could never be her.

 For Courtnae it was because she did not have a mind of her own and followed other people as she was a chicken. Rebecca was mean, and couldn’t stand the purity of Akonoba or her ability to be different and stand on her own mind. Yet Steffi like Jackqueline was even meaner than Rebecca, she was wicked and heartless like Jackqueline and hated young Akonoba’s innocence, kindness and good heart because hers was one filled with hipocrisy and darkness.

 After Akonoba showed all 4 kindness especially to the darkest Steffi and Jackqueline they turned on her to taunt her and make her upset. Steffi turned Courtnae against Akonoba as well as everyone else. Rebecca made Akonoba know that others disliked her and Jackqueline tried to in her own words steal her joy. They saw pleasure in her turmoil. Sadly instead of young Akonoba to see these evil witches were not her company and move away.

For many years she tried to fit in with the witches and other evil ones in the land to her disappointment she could not. She wasn’t hard enough they said for the brutal world they happily made. She began to rightfully seek an eye for an eye but lost her kind wonderful soul in return. She became lost ready to prove to the unworthy she was worthy. When she had been worthy all along. In the end, one day she woke up and realise her big heart could no longer contain the sour she needed to go back to the beauty she was, so ugly could continue to be repelled by her and beauty loved her.

 So she let go of the walls and all they said she had to be and wasn’t and let her full-worthy self free. She deemed them unworthy of the revenge and unworthy of her time. In the end, she found out despite all the hurt, betrayals and people taking the enemies side she could walk away, and that she did. She is anew and has found many with beautiful in their heart who show her, her, her beautiful heart, who she is, has always been right and enough. 

She will live Happily ever after. 

I hope this story inspires you to know in life we will be surrounded by wicked people who only get pleasure in snuffing the light out of us, for reasons will never know. All we need to do is flee from their evil and determine to surround ourselves with good to keep our pure hearts. Though they say that makes us easier to dominate, in the end, the good-hearted enjoy the purity and love of life. The ugly-hearted are never content or satisfied. 

Yours sincerely, 

Always believe you are enough and your beautiful heart is too.

Author: Akosua Darko


London, UK


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