Home Lifestyle Sorrow my ever present friend in my darkest days.

Sorrow my ever present friend in my darkest days.

Sorrow my ever present friend in my darkest days.

The thing about sadness is its nature’s release when the lack of joy is unreachable. The pain many of us have felt of being belittled by others, told we are not enough, and suffering from words and aches we are told to just get over. The nightmare cages in your mind that simple ‘forgiveness’ and positive words cannot bring out. The ushering into silence where death lives out of what others will say. Yet if sadness is your daily bread and misery is your companion why sit there and not share the lessons you learned from it or the depths of your pain so others know you are not alone.

I’ve spent most of my life hating 9-16 and even more so hating 23-26. I know I’m turning 27 soon but there’s nothing to celebrate as my mind is still mindful of misery and feeling trapped. I say this so somebody will know they are not alone. If I have to exist in this miserable experience. This lack of agency. This entrapment of feeling my life is not mine to choose, and with every turn, I take leads back into entrapment. The loss of motivation of happiness and even your own free spirit.

The only things you have are your words and emotions. Those are mine and yours to keep and to feel. The stigma and the silence of depression because of useless gossipers are never going to be healing. Be free to share your story, let your tears heal the wounds of someone who lives for death yet finds healing in your wounds. As far as the gossip, those with opinions will always have something stupid to say as their Crows eye seeks to devour other spirits. I mean I feel those people don’t even deserve to see what comes out of your toilet. They are the most pathetic people on Earth. I’ll leave it there.

Healing only comes from opening up to real people, people who will love your wounds or find solace in them.

No matter how the maze in your mind is. If you have a life there’s a hope for tomorrow being better than your bruised powerful beautiful trauma made hazardous mind can conceive.

Author: Akosua Darko


London, UK