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Kim Kardashian accused of blackfishing

Kim Kardashian accused of blackfishing

KIM Kardashian has been accused blackfishing yet again after she was seen flaunting a deep tan during a date with Pete Davidson.

The 41-year-old’s complexion looked visibly darker than usual as she attended the Mark Twain Price For American Humor in Washington last month.

Kim sported a heavy tan while wearing a black sequinned dress on the night.

The reality star – whose late father Rob was Armenian – sat next to her boyfriend Pete, 28. in the audience at The Kennedy Center.

Critics flooded Reddit to accuse the SKIMS mogul of blackfishing – a term that refers to someone pretending to be Black or mixed-race, using tools for hairstyling and makeup.

Journalist Wanna Thompson created the term and described it as “White public figures, influencers, and the like [who] do everything in their power to appear Black.”

One user wrote on Reddit in a since-deleted comment: “When are we going to pull [Kim] upon the constant blackfishing? She is just unabashedly pretending to be a different race?”

Another added: “Her dress is pretty, but she looks really dark. Like, chill out on the spray tan.”

“Right? Every time I see her next to Pete she literally looks Oompa Loompa-esque,” a user agreed.

Kim has repeatedly been called out for blackfishing and cultural appropriation over the years. Back in March, she was slammed for her “out of control” tan while on a dinner date with Pete.

In 2017, Kim was accused of blackfishing in a KKW Beauty ad, but retaliated by calling her critics “so toxic”.


“I did a photoshoot for the first launch of my KKW beauty contour sticks and we wanted them really moody. I was really tan. I wanted to show the contour,” Kim said in a resurfaced KUWTK clip.

“The photos ended up being a little bit darker than I was,” she continued as a photo of her from the shoot appeared.

“There were some people online saying I was doing ‘blackface’ and that the photos were inappropriate.”

The video cut to people on the internet tweeting about Kim’s photos.

“The internet world is so toxic. And I feel like people are just waiting for you to make a mistake, just to point it out,” she said.


“What do you do? It’s already out,” asked a friend in the video.

Kim just looked at her and then back at her laptop with a frustrated expression.

Ren wrote in the digital magazine Public Books: “The Kardashians are a prime example of multiracial white supremacy.

“A commercial enterprise posing as a family, the Kardashians are hell-bent on extracting financial gain from Black people and Black culture, even as they stigmatize, in particular, Black women through their project of multiracial whiteness.”

Author: Seyi Awoleye

Los-Angeles, CA, USA