Home Entertainment EXCLUSIVE: Homebased Talks Learning From Legends, Blending Eras, His First Single, and lots more…

EXCLUSIVE: Homebased Talks Learning From Legends, Blending Eras, His First Single, and lots more…

EXCLUSIVE: Homebased Talks Learning From Legends, Blending Eras, His First Single, and lots more…

Afrobeat singer-songwriter Emmanuel Anjorin, known by the stage name Homebased, (Nigerian-British) mentioned he was inspired by music artists such as Tevin Campbell, All-4-One, Boys II Men, Brian McKnight, Bob Marley, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince e.t.c. These are the type I grew up listening to. He also enjoyed the music of Sir Shina Peters, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Majek Fashek, Tuface, and Styleplus, among others.

I listened to his first single titled “Just fine”  and I found it a very vibrant and catchy song with such a positive vibe. The song touches on love, at first sight, the promise of togetherness, and the longevity that most people seek in a relationship. This song also really brings a sense of hope, as no one knows the future. However, we all believe we would be and do just fine no matter what the future brings.

A-CHOICES: Kindly introduce yourself to our readers?

Homebased: I am Emmanuel Anjorin mainly referred to as Homebased, I am a Nigerian based in the UK with my family. I am a dad of three beautiful Kids. Two boys and A girl.  I graduated from Babcock University, before proceeding to complete a master’s degree at the university of Sheffield here in the UK. I am a self-motivated and very optimistic individual. I self-taught myself on the guitar and started writing songs- Released my first single in  2019. I have since released various songs since then. I hosted and sold out my debut Music concert in London this year. It was incredibly successful. 

A-CHOICES: From where did you derive the stage name “Homebased”?

Homebased: I got the name during my time at university from playing football. I was that guy that would always have his full kit on. i.e the latest football boot, fresh jerseys  Man United, Arsenal, etc you know what I mean.  Shin pads, etc Plus I was quite flamboyant

in my style of playing.  So folks will joke and say you are still a Homebased player regardless of all your showmanship. “The Homebased players in Nigeria are the players that play for local leagues and not foreign established clubs like the premiership team”s etc. But  I do like the name as it reminds me that my heart is based at home even though I now live overseas.

A-CHOICES: Early life and Education?

Homebased: I had all my preliminary education in Nigeria and moved to the UK to further my Education. As a kid, I grew up in a Christian home so music had always been an integral part of my family. All my siblings are singers too. My younger brother Nelsonjeez is also an incredible Afrobeat artist – He has some incredible releases across all platforms

A-CHOICES: “Just fine” is A perfect song for when you finally find the one. What inspired you to do such a song?

Homebased: This song was inspired by my Wife. In fact, it was written for her. I remember sitting in my garden playing my guitar and I was just playing around with a few chords. Then the song came to me and I wrote it.  It is Just very special indeed. I also released a Music Video for it which is on youtube. My wife was also the main video girl in the video. Who else would fit the bill…

A-CHOICES: How did you find music? Did you grow up in a musical household, or are you first generation?

Homebased: Yes like I mentioned I grew up in a music family  and we were always part of the choir in church  etc 

A-CHOICES: Are there any particular songs that you associate with your earliest memories?

Homebased: I listened to a lot of the RNBs because my Uncles and Aunts would always play the Tevin cambells,  Can we talk, All 4 one – I swear, etc. All those types of songs were mainly what I listened to growing up,

A-CHOICES: Your voice is magical. Would you say too bad no mainstream media give the attention you deserve?

Homebased: Oh thanks for that. I work hard each day to look after my voice. I think I am still trying to find that perfect touch that would be my signature sound. I am doing a  lot of vocal training at the moment with voice coaches. So there Are still a lot of pitch improvements to come. Well, I wouldn’t say the mainstream is not giving me the attention needed. The music industry is a highly competitive sector and there are so many talents out there. I guess it’s just challenging to be an independent artist compared to having a label behind you. However, with the power of social media and other media channels, I still believe anyone is able to get their message out there. So long one’s work quality, is unique and one can stay consistent. 

A-CHOICES: Is there any album or EP you are working on right now?

Homebased: My first EP was tagged Spur Me on which has done very well and I am really proud and impressed.

I am currently working towards releasing another EP before the end of the year. But a couple of singles will drop this summer for sure. 

A-CHOICES: What music are you listening to right now?

Homebased: I am listening to mainly acoustic soul vibes at the moment. As I am at a stage in life where I am doing a lot more thinking, pondering and these sorts of songs really helps me when I am in that Zone. At the moment I am vibing with artists like Teeks, Solomon, Ady Suliemon, Leslie Odom – Etc

A-CHOICES: What are your main inspirations behind your music?

Homebased: I write mainly about Love, relationship, and some fictional stuff as well. I guess it just depends on what comes. But I try to make sure my songs are conscious

A-CHOICES: What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

Homebased: Definitely! my Concert in April of 2022 was tagged” Homebased in Concert” It took place at the Smade Lounge in London. This was sold out with people queuing outside the venue. It is just unbelievably successful. The energy of the fans was second to none – Just brilliant for a debut show for an independent artist. In fact, I am basking and buzzing to this day!. 

A-CHOICES: Tell us something about your songwriting process. What usually comes first the lyrics or the beats? And do you prefer the piano or the guitar when writing?

Homebased: So I bring out my guitar, the chord starts to play and then the lyrics follow. I would usually send that guitar sample to a producer and they will make beats for the song. I have recently started freestyling on beats too. But I prefer writing on the guitar as this gives you more freedom to express yourself.

A-CHOICES: What is the one thing you are not willing or prepared to do ever, in your quest to achieve a successful musical career?

Homebased: This is a big question. Well I do  have my principles and belief system which are underpinned by self-value and respect, I won’t compromise on these things

A-CHOICES: Which Nigerian  Music legend or musician do you look up to?

Homebased: It’s really difficult as I listen to every and anything. I don’t really look to one particular artist. I look up to all successful artists both Old and new. 

A-CHOICES: What do you think of Nigerian music presently?

Homebased: I think it is taking over over the world gradually – Thanks to BurnaBoy, Wiz, Davido, Tiwa savage, CKay, and the rest of us. 
A-CHOICES: What words of advice would you give to young Nigerians like you who are pursuing big dreams?

Homebased: Keep working, believe, be self-assured, be consistent and dare to be different and unique. Don’t follow what you think everyone is doing. Find your own sound and Niche. 

Homebased in Concert

A-CHOICES: When you’re not recording and performing, what other hobbies make you tick?

Homebased: I am a very good footballer, A children’s book author _ I just released a children’s book titled “Trip to the River” a great book for ages 2 – 6.  It is available on Amazon- So do pick one up for your nephew and nieces.  I am a family man, so you will also catch me doing activities with my Children. I love gardening and playing video games too. I am also a life coach and very passionate about helping others progress.

A-CHOICES: Compare and contrast the following artistes

Davido, Whizkid, Burna Boy, Kiss Daniel ? Who’s your favourite? 

Homebased: They are all incredible artists and I am inspired by every one of them.  It takes a lot to get to the top and you have to respect what goes into that.  I guess every individual is different and this brings variety to the industry.  I vibe with each of them differently depending on my mood. Burna Boy is my favorite artist out of Motherland still. He just brings something a bit extra. But like I said utmost respect for every talented artist whether upcoming or established.

A-CHOICES: Any last words and thoughts to your fans?

Homebased: Massive Shout out and special thanks to you A – Choices Magazine. Thanks for having me on. To everyone out there much love to you all. Remember to Stay always stay positive and never give up. Please Do follow my journey @Homebased_official and Homebased on all music platforms. More music coming your way shortly stay tuned!

Author: Gbenga Teejay Okunlola

London, UK