Home Lifestyle Yes, he’s my son! Black mother says people think the light-skinned son was switched at birth

Yes, he’s my son! Black mother says people think the light-skinned son was switched at birth

Yes, he’s my son! Black mother says people think the light-skinned son was switched at birth
Heather Dalia with husband John

Absurd, to say the least. A black mother claims strangers think she’s her son’s babysitter because his skin is so much lighter than hers. Heather Dalia, 28, gave birth to her son Carter, nine months ago. Since then, she says strangers question if he is really her biological son because of the color of his skin. She said: ‘I’ve encountered people when I’m out and about who are shocked that I’m his mother and tell me that they had “no idea”. 

Heather Dalia, 28, from California, is often mistaken for her son Carter’s babysitter because his skin is much fairer than hers. ‘I’ve even had someone come to my house to fix the blinds and assume I was his babysitter.’

mother and son

Heather explained her husband and Carter’s dad John, 27, has fair skin, blue eyes and straight hair. She claims Carter is even fairer than his dad,which shocks people.

‘It’s not something you see often,’ she said ‘I have people from the black community asking me where are his black features and I have other people looking at me as if I’ve kidnapped someone’s child.’ Heather says she feels like people look at her as if she’s carrying someone else’s son 

Heather wants other people to know that babies are born with all different facial features and skin tones and families can come in all forms.

‘This has begun to change because his features have changed with age but it took several months for him to show enough resemblance to his mother to not be questioned.’

Mom and Son

After sharing photos of Carter on TikTok that went viral, Heather has had to fend off several nasty comments about her family.

She said: ‘Some people try to find a way to make it controversial and we had a few negative comments from people who said, ‘”Who cares what his skin color is, and are you sure he wasn’t in fact switched at birth”?.

‘I wasn’t expecting this negative response as I posted it because I and John think it’s funny how different he looked and have learned to embrace it rather than make it weird.’

Heather says people give her strange looks when she’s out with Carter. Heather wants to show people that babies are born with all sorts of different features and skin tones, whatever their genetic make-up. She added: ‘You never really see it in the media but there are so many possible ways a baby can look.

John with Son

‘While a few claimed this was a common thing, my experiences in public have made me feel otherwise.

‘I think if people just saw it more in the media, it would become more common and then people wouldn’t be so shocked to see a black woman with a fair-skinned child.

‘I’ll believe this is common when I no longer get stared at in public when I’m out with my son.’

Author: Seyi Awoleye

Los-Angeles, CA, USA