Nigerian street seller beaten to death on road as onlookers stand filming


Outrage has been sparked across Italy after a Nigerian street seller was brutally beaten to death on a busy beach town road.

Horrendous footage has been shared showing the fatal attack on married dad-of-two, Alika Ogorchukwu, 39, in broad daylight.

Onlookers reportedly didn’t attempt to save the African immigrant as he was struck down with the crutch that he used to walk on Friday.

There are varying accounts of the circumstances, with some suggesting Mr. Ogorchukwu had asked for pocket change, and others saying he had told the assailant’s companion she was beautiful.

An Italian man named Filippo Claudio Giuseppe Ferlazzo, 32, has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

He is also suspected of theft after the victim’s phone was taken as he was left dying on a street in Civitanova Marche.

Hundreds of people from a local Nigerian community have taken to the streets to demand justice, as reports suggest witnesses called the police but didn’t intervene physically.

Mr. Ogorchukwu had started selling goods on the street after being hit by a car and losing his job as a labourer due to his injuries, the local ACSIM association for immigrants has said.

Around midday on Friday, he was at work when an aggressor grabbed the crutch he used to help with his limp and hit him with it, according to police.

A video shows Mr. Ogorchukwu fighting to defend himself as he is wrestled to the ground.

Author: James Osondu

Sofia Bureau Chief- Bulgaria



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