Home Lifestyle Murad Merali and the error of not airing your dirty linen in public.

Murad Merali and the error of not airing your dirty linen in public.

Murad Merali and the error of not airing your dirty linen in public.

Worship of man is a total waste of time. I don’t know why we use humans do things so people like,  respect, and want to be around us. Honestly, who cares, in the end by pleasing them you are wasting your time pleasing yourself over people who don’t care about you.

 In this new cancel culture era,  aka hypocrites judging each other for being bad, or not doing the right thing, and becoming judge,  jury, and executioner of people is becoming ridiculously exhausting. Some people who do extremely bad things should be cancelled,  jailed, etc that’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the extreme bullying of people over things that aren’t ridiculously huge. I’m happy that people no longer stand for bullying or human rights abuses or discrimination like they use to. However cancel culture isn’t about that anymore,  it’s become about bullying and condemning people. It’s now for those who feel insecure about who they are and their own sin and is looking for an identity in pointing a finger.

Humans cannot be humans anymore we have to be all these ridiculous tropes. Your identity becomes who you ‘should be’  not who you are. Some crazy person becomes obsessed with how you live your life and has the audacity to judge what you do because they are suddenly the gods of life and how it should be led. 

The audacity of people trying to intimidate you into a life you’re not interested in living by what you have and who you are is quite staggering, especially when they try and make you feel you are not living up to their expectations. That is the society we live in today,  can’t speak for yourself, cannot behave like yourself and somebody always has to understand you, when they are not you and you have to live your life in a way they think is acceptable. 

So when do you live your life as yourself for you? The sad thing is I don’t care how many YouTube gurus or all these fake stick-me-in-the-box pages you go through or how many entertainers you follow. You can only ever be yourself… that doesn’t mean you should stay in your bad habits no,  it means to be the best version. What works for Sally will never work for Esi. 

So this Youtuber( Murad Merali-progressive King) and the black culture Bible priest who is Asian or Arab has had a hard life. He has said he’s been raped, he’s gay and that has caused him complications with his family and his life. In his YouTube videos, he usually champions equality. Some videos allegedly have come out of him using racial slurs and doing some foot fetish performances. The videos are quite disturbing and I don’t agree with the racial slurs being used I don’t know much about that fetish so I won’t go into too much detail.  I think his situation has highlighted some major problems. 

One is that as a black community we need to get a life.

 I don’t understand why it’s our community who automatically believes that just because somebody is always preaching, against something or has a degree,  or is successful and hard-working that they are somebody to follow. Why can’t we make our own paths and live our lives? Why are we so obsessed with emulating and making people in the public eye our gods that when they don’t turn out to be who we think they are we feel like our life has ended?  Why are we so obsessed with perfection? Why are we so afraid to be ourselves? 

It’s so sad. I see young girls going over themselves to do all sorts of body enhancements to fit in,  I see them swallow their personality to fit in into this new feminine series which I think is total rubbish to be honest with you. I thought by virtue of their genitals that women were already feminine. Then there’s also the miss independent who won’t stop talking about being a boss lady. How to be what you’re not to find the one?  Then their relationships break down cause pretending is hard! 

 The self-esteem gurus who have thousands of rules for what makes self-esteem also nonsense. The woke people. The career strategists for men and women,  the masculine man motivators,  the other men motivators,  the YouTube for men who want to be this and that. All sorts of rubbish lacking authenticity,  and I just wonder how long can people pretend to be someone for,  for other people, and then go home to themselves,  the self that’s always lurking?  How exhausting it is to deny yourself?  Each time we go against ourselves to make someone happy we lose joy. 

The thing is Murad was a faker. That’s what happens when you try to pretend you don’t have skeletons people or pretend to be who you’re not people always find them. I’ve been called 

 Murad condemns people for what he does,  he condemns apologies, and then he makes one. If he came out and told his truth this wouldn’t have been a big deal. Then people can decide whether to follow you or not but at least you’re real. Whatever you think of people who are honest about their dirty linens,  they never have an expose. There’s nothing to expose. For instance, 2baba Idibia is a well-known cheater,  if he cheats tomorrow,  people will talk but it’s not like he goes around pretending to be faithful. So you talking about the matter is your problem. That’s his character and he hasn’t condemned it. 

Be yourself,  where you fall short own it,  own your likes,  your dislikes, and who you are. Don’t let anybody come and own you.  The right people will love you for you. 

He’s gone from 300,000 worshippers to 200 thousand and something subscribers because he uses the right terms. In this modern world is not hard to be a fake sheep pretending to have no quirks or imperfections and everybody will love you. All the cluster B’s know the formula and so do the wolf in sheep’s clothing and they will do it again and again because being a sheep makes money. Especially in our gullible black communities.

Racism is wrong totally but the guy vegan to speaking about committing suicide because of her fetish. I’m thinking are you a serial killer,  what have you done that’s unredeemable,  try to change from being racist and get help from the trauma that is making you act this way ( I’m not a psychologist)  so unlike the moral gods of this new world I’m not going to deduce his behaviour or call him a liar. The guy has had an awful life and sometimes that can make you an awful person. No amount of fame,  money,  education, or anything will ever make up for a broken soul. I hope he manages to find happiness within and learn as all of us should. Only God can judge him.

Author: Akosua Darko


London, UK