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Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter

Never before has a person touched the hearts of so many people, not only in  Great Britain but across the world, for such an enduring length of time. Queen Elizabeth II has been the constant that has held the nation together on so many occasions,most recently during the global pandemic.

The Queen dedicated her life to her people, her familiar presence so reassuring to many. She was part of us all, stitched into the DNA of modern Britain.

She described her faith in God as ” the anchor of her life” I hope she is now with her heavenly father. She has run her race well. She was a remarkable Head Of The Church Of England.

It is unsurprising, whether we are royalists or not, that many of us mourn for this woman we likely never had the good fortune to meet. As the news broke of her passing it was hard for many of us to contain our emotions. 

Sadly, Queen Elizabeth is someone we will not meet again, but her values and her love of Britain and the Commonwealth will live on in her heirs. Queen Elizabeth II is simply irreplaceable. It will take some time for the nation to come to terms with this huge loss.

Farewell Queen Elizabeth the Second. You were true to yourself, iconic and truly the only one of your kind. Like Elizabeth the 1 before you.

All of us at  A-CHOICES wish the queen a peaceful rest as she joins her husband and we pray the Lord upholds the Royal family. We also wish the King a peaceful reign. Long live the king!

Rest in peace, Your Majesty.

Thank you. 


Gbenga Teejay Okulola

Publisher/Editor in Chief