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Prince Harry ‘missed flight’ due to row with Charles

Prince Harry ‘missed flight’ due to row with Charles

Prince Harry reportedly insisted on travelling with his wife on the day the Queen died. Prince Harry missed a chance to say goodbye to his beloved grandmother the Queen after rowing with his dad King Charles.

Her Majesty passed away on September 8 at Balmoral in Scotland. Members of the royal family rushed to be by her side, but sadly Harry failed to make it before she died. New reports have now emerged claiming that Harry’s lateness was due to a heated argument with Charles over his wife, Meghan Markle.

Initial reports said Harry was travelling with Meghan, generating confusion when Harry flew solo – not only without his wife but also unaccompanied by family. He was the first to depart Scotland the following morning. 

On the day of the Queen’s death, Harry and Meghan were coincidentally already in the UK as part of a mini European tour. They had already been to Manchester and Düsseldorf and that evening was due to appear at the Well Child Awards in London.

At 12.35 pm that day, a statement was released by Buckingham Palace saying doctors had become concerned for the Queen’s health and that she was under medical supervision. Within 15 minutes, a statement said the now King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla would be travelling to be with the Queen-and Prince William would also be going to Balmoral

Just after 1.30 pm that day, it was announced Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and Sophie Wessex were also hurrying to Balmoral.

Minutes later, it was reported Harry and Meghan would be “travelling to Scotland” after changing their plans – although this was later revised to just Harry going to Balmoral. It was thought that Harry would take the same plane from RAF Northolt as his royal relatives – but he instead travelled on a separate private jet.

“Harry was so busy trying to get Meghan to Balmoral and rowing with his family that he missed the flight,” claimed a source.

“Charles has an open invitation for Harry to dine with him whenever he is in the country. But Harry was so furious that he refused to eat with his father and brother.

“It was a massive snub. And he got out of Balmoral at the earliest opportunity to catch the first commercial flight back to London,” alleged the source.

The following morning, Harry was spotted catching a flight back to London at 9.45 am. 

Despite the row, William then asked Harry and Meghan to walk with him and Kate to see the flowers at Windsor Castle the following day.

Meanwhile, it’s been claimed that Meghan Markle later requested a private audience with the King.

Author: Linda .R. Jones

London, UK