Home Lifestyle <strong>Shanquella Robinson:Murdered by friends on a girls trip.</strong>

Shanquella Robinson:Murdered by friends on a girls trip.

<strong>Shanquella Robinson:Murdered by friends on a girls trip.</strong>

TLC sang the song what about your friends, will they stand their ground will they let you down again, what about your friends are they gonna be low down, will they ever be around or will they turn their backs on you? 

Some of us have had some awful friends so aren’t really surprised that so-called friends could do this. The story hit so hard because I see a sweet, naive, innocent, beautiful girl who had two businesses going well and a boyfriend who loves her. She actually paid for most of the trip to celebrate two of her so-called friends’ birthdays.

 A previous video, shows her walking around trying to make conversation, and the rest of them are unbothered. She reminds me of little me, in a group with fake friends, who liked to see me cry so they could laugh. The things those girls did to me were totally uncalled for. That girl who was beating her senseless Dejanae Jackson, said she is tired of her shit, madame pay for your own holiday then! 

The secondary school girls, would run away from me, tell me not to speak to them, threaten me, exclude me, join with other people to make fun of me, called me sensitive and weird. Then say I wasn’t tough enough. Poor girl didn’t even want to fight back like little me, they taunted her to fight back and she said no. The way they were acting it seems this isn’t the first time they are doing this to her, they are too comfortable. Unfortunately, until I gained confidence, I wanted to be so accepted by these girls I would continue to hang around with them. 

They had the audacity to ask me to help them with their school work, for favours etc. These types of people are leaches they have no remorse, even to this day only 2 of those girls have shown remorse. Most of them are still evil. Talking about wanting to talk to me, hell no!  I had some friends in university just the same. One told me she was jealous of me after I’d been kind to her. The other was talking about beating me up, another was talking in a group chat about wanting to harm me with another so-called Christian wannabe psychologist and the men in the chat found it funny. People are sick. Unfortunately for them, I  stopped trusting in secondary school and God is with me. 

We need to teach young women that people who aren’t nice to you don’t deserve your company or kindness period. This is happening too much, either they kill you or they make you feel so bad you kill yourself or don’t believe in yourself to hit your potential. 

I wouldn’t call her fake friends hyenas or wilder beasts because female hyenas stand for each other in their click, they defend each other, and so do wilder beasts. Lionesses defend each other in pride! It’s only female rats and chickens who behave like this, cowards and vermin. 

Author: Akosua Darko


London, UK