Home Sport <strong>Stunning Photo of Celestine Babayaro Surfaces</strong>

Stunning Photo of Celestine Babayaro Surfaces

<strong>Stunning Photo of Celestine Babayaro Surfaces</strong>

Celestine Babayaro, who was declared bankrupt in 2011, has resurfaced and looks like his doing well The appreciable former Nigerian international has bounced back from tough times, as he was pictured with family members Having featured 27 times for the national team, Babayaro announced retirement as a free agent in 2010 Follow Sports Brief on Twitter for more trending and breaking news! Former Nigerian international Celestine Babayaro has been spotted in a lovely picture in the company of his family members. The former Chelsea left-back remains one of Nigeria’s finest defenders, having featured in 27 matches for the national team between 1995 and 2004.

Bildnummer: 00549108 Datum: 07.06.2002 Copyright: imago/Camera 4 Celestine Babayaro (Nigeria) am Ball; Nationaltrikot, Vdig, hoch, Freisteller, dribbeln, Dribbling, Weltmeisterschaft 2002, Länderspiel, Gruppenspiel, Gruppe F, Nationalmannschaft, Nationalteam, Kobe Wing Stadium Dynamik, Fußball WM Herren Mannschaft Japan Einzelbild Aktion Personen

Babayaro’s whereabouts have been unknown for several years amid concerns that he was chased by creditors after being declared bankrupt. According to a report by Chronicle Live, it was gathered that ‘Cele’ had lived at an address on Laleham Road in Shepperton, Middlesex.

In 2011, his neighbours expressed fears that the former player was struggling and had fallen on hard times because the upkeep of his £475,000 property had slipped. A neighbour who lives on the same street as Babayaro said: “You can tell money’s difficult because the home used to be maintained really nicely, but now it’s a bit of a mess.

Babayaro with family

“You can see where the conservatory is starting to fall down, and the garden is completely overgrown. They came and asked to borrow my lawnmower, but I had to say no because the grass was too long and would have broken it.” Now 44 years old, Babayaro was seen in a lovely picture shared by his brother Emmanuel who is equally an ex-international. To the delight of football fans, the former Newcastle United star looks radiant, suggesting he has survived the tough times.

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