Diddy Blasts Former Nanny Suing Him For Wrongful Termination


Diddy‘s legal trouble turned much nastier this year thanks to accusations of sexual assault, and his other lawsuits still rage on. Moreover, a new development emerged in his ex-nanny Raven Wales-Walden’s case against him for alleged wrongful termination.

Wales-Walden claims that Diddy fired her upon learning of her pregnancy out of wedlock in 2020. As the case unfolds, Diddy has sought to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that Wales-Walden failed to meet her job responsibilities and violated company policies. However, recent developments shed new light on the ongoing legal saga.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Wales-Walden claimed that Diddy and his team refused to provide crucial legal documentation required for the case. In response, she requested Diddy be sanctioned $5k for his failure to turn over the documents. Her lawyer criticized the defendants for their evasive responses during the discovery process. However, while Diddy eventually provided the requested paperwork, his legal representative criticized these moves in court.

“Instead of filing the Motion and wasting Court and party resources, [Raven] should have consulted with [him] on a production schedule in order to understand when they would be producing the documents they committed to,” Diddy’s legal reps expressed. “Sanctions are not warranted under these circumstances, the documents sought have been produced. The Motion was irrelevant to [Diddy’s] production, and [Raven’s] counsel manufactured a dispute that did not exist.”

In May of this year, Diddy filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit with the assistance of a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. The motion asserted that Wales-Walden did not adequately perform her job duties and failed to adhere to the standards and policies of the Combs Defendants.

According to Diddy, he took reasonable steps to prevent workplace discrimination and implemented internal grievance processes. He further claimed that Wales-Walden did not utilize these procedures and also alleged that she received compensation for work she did not perform, resulting in wages paid to her that were not owed.

Diddy recently settled a sexual assault lawsuit brought by his ex-girlfriend Cassie. While it seemed like he was out of the woods, days later, he was hit with 2 separate lawsuits filed by alleged sexual assault victims. Diddy has since denied all allegations of wrongdoing


Author: Seyi Awoleye

Los-Angeles, USA



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