Home Sport <strong>Pele bids family farewell in shocking video</strong>

Pele bids family farewell in shocking video

<strong>Pele bids family farewell in shocking video</strong>

Pele, the former football player of the Brazilian national team, who is fighting colon cancer, said goodbye to his family members. The condition of the three-time world champion, who was placed in the intensive care unit of the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo, has worsened. The legendary player said goodbye to his relatives through a video call. Family members said that the three-time world champion’s condition is critical. Pele’s home team, Brazil’s “Santos” club, is already preparing for his death. So, a golden coffin dedicated to the King of Football has already been placed in the team’s stadium. The arena is expected to become a gathering place for fans of the legendary former forward pass away soon. It should be noted that Pele was operated on in September last year due to a tumor in his large intestine. The veteran football player was later hospitalized several times.

In a shocking video posted by Golaut official on YouTube, Brazil legend, Pele, seems to be slowly losing the battle against cancer as he faintly says goodbye to family and friends.

 Meanwhile, British businessman and sports manager Frank Khalid said in a Twitter post, “Pele says goodbye to family and friends from the hospital bed. Football legend, Pele is slowly losing the battle against cancer, family says ‘his condition is worsening even further’,” Khalid wrote.

In another developing video on social media, one of Pele’s former rivals, Romario, has wished the Brazilian football legend well.

Speaking to Ge Globo, Romario said, “King, get better. So much faith. The whole world is looking and praying for you. Improvements! I kiss your heart.”

Author: Okunlola Kayode. F


Lagos, Nigeria