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90 Day Fiancé Angela Seeks Divorce From Michael

<strong>90 Day Fiancé Angela Seeks Divorce From Michael</strong>

In the latest 90 Day Fiancé season 7 tell-all episode, Angela Deem went candid with her decision to divorce her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, ending their perceived toxic relationship. According to the reality star, she nursed doubts about his loyalty long before reaching the decision. 

Deem said that ‘divorce is definitely on the table’ as an option for her, as she’s ‘definitely gonna file,’ noting, ‘That doesn’t mean I’m gonna sign.’ 

Deem was supported by other stars on the TLC franchise, as she said Ilesanmi ‘went too far’ with his dishonesty and infidelity, which left her ‘mentally exhausted’ and ‘very hurt.’

She added, ‘With Michael’s lying and all, and all the stuff I just found out, I don’t think he’s ever loved me. I think he loves me ’cause of everything I’ve done for him, but he can’t tell me why he’s in love with me.’

Despite her decision to end things with Michael, the TV personality has not entirely given up on love and romance. Angela admitted during the 90 Day Fiancé tell-all episode that if she went through with the divorce from Michael, she hoped to meet someone better, who made her laugh and was “not always toxic.” 

Their relationship turmoil escalated in the earlier reunion episodes after Angela Deem received a romantic voice note Michael sent another woman. This led her to break down and eventually reveal details about her husband’s cheating. Having opened up about her failing relationship with Michael and his infidelity during the reunion, the reality star received support from the others and the strength she needed to rethink her marriage and choose her own happiness. 

She said through tears that she wouldn’t be able to trust Ilesanmi again.

Another divisive dynamic the pair were dealing with centered around Ilesanmi’s friend Usman ‘Sojaboy’ Umar, who has never gotten along with Deem.

Micheal and Angela B

Deem was further rankled upon learning that Ilesanmi had defied her wishes in secretly visiting Umar at the hotel where the TV special was filmed. While Ilesanmi tried to get the two to mend fences, Umar denied having started fights with Deem, but rather defended herself.’She [feels] like I’m a bad influence on you,’ Umar told Ilesanmi. ‘She know[s] that I am smarter than you. And she feels like I can draw you into a game that will maybe f*** her up.’

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