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Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter

Welcome to the February edition of A-CHOICES Magazine where we celebrate all that we love about being Africans.

On the cover of this edition is Angel Videyra, a Programme Manager for Divert – Metropolitan Police custody intervention programme in London, UK. He began working with young people in 2017 when he was first invited to become a volunteer for the programme. Over the years, Angel has supported and mentored numerous young people and has proven himself as a positive and influential role model within the community of Lambeth.

Angel is confident and believes his background is unique. “I believe my background and ethnicity are very unique. There aren’t many Afro-Russians out there. I have a unique look and presence. I feel comfortable in front of the camera”. It’s sure an interesting read.

Also, Valentine’s Day is touted as a celebration of romance. It is also known as “Singles Awareness Day” due to the emphasis on romantic relationships and the seeming exclusion of anyone not in a romantic relationship. No matter what our romantic status is, we should strive to avoid a “couples vs singles” mentality.

I would challenge everyone to find a way to enjoy Valentine’s day this month.  Let the people you care about know that they mean something to you, even if it’s just a greeting in passing on the way to class or work. Make Valentine’s Day a day everyone can enjoy, no matter what his or her love life is like.

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers, I hope it’s a good one.

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Thank you.


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