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The Monarchy has always misbehaved.

Since the times of Athelstan, the 30th great grand uncle to Queen Elizabeth the 2 the monarchy hasn’t been perfect, and neither have the noblemen. In fact, there has always been one rule for the upper classes and one for the commoners. It is quite interesting how there seems to be a consensus in this modern age that the Royal family has the noble right of Kings, that they are gods among men when they are in fact, human.

Prince Harry tells us about his cocaine use, his frostbitten penis, and circumcision ( not surprising as he is part of the Church of England) which has also had its own scandalous history ( Henry the 8 turned England protestant to marry his adulterers Anne Boleyn, Camilla isn’t the first adulteress to become Queen) and his exes. 

I mean any student of British History is well aware that men in the Royal Families history loved women and many thought of them as just objects to ride on like stallions for a good time ( As Harry has told us about his first sexual encounter with an older woman, though previous royalty wouldn’t have done it in public behind a busy pub) and how his love of older women started from his Matrons in his private schools.

His father King Charles the 3, only had one well-known mistress Queen Consort Camilla, whose great-grandmother Alice Kepple, mistress to Edward the 7 ( who had many), being a mistress runs in her veins. King Charles 3 is somewhat tame compared to Charles 2 who had many mistresses. I think the way Charles and Camilla treated Diana was disgusting but Diana wouldn’t be the first Princess, future Queen, or Royal who endured pain at the hands of the monarchy. 

The Royal’s history is tainted. How Meghan can say she thought being a princess would be like a fairytale, is a reason why world history and literacy are very important. There has been protocol for centuries and anybody who wants to fit into that family must follow it and no amount of modernisation is going to change it. Unless there is a revolution, believe me, the monarchy will continue to be in Britain, due to tourism and for historic purposes, as well as the financial and social influence the Monarchy has. 

Many people of colour want to make it seem that this protocol is only due to colour and institutional racism. I disagree, even in Africa, the homeland of the black man. To be a royal comes with stipulations, duties, and protocols. If you don’t fit in you’ll also be kicked out. Not anyone can be a princess or a queen, it comes with tremendous responsibility and studying culture and customs that are ancient and must be followed. Even in the olden days of African Kings and Queens, it was so. The witch doctor the custodian of justice made sure things run smoothly. 

The public seems to be shocked when any scandal comes out of the Royal family, from Prince Andrew’s alleged sexual crimes to Princess Margaret being the life of the party. The Royal family has always had such characters. So Harry and Meghan’s what is slowly becoming unhinged behaviours are not shocking. Harry himself said he takes cocaine, magic mushrooms, and psychedelics, which let him see the truth. He’s not at all the worst thing to come out of the Royal Family.

Do I think his wife may have faced issues, sure, Do I think she’s a social climber and a user of victimhood to build a fortune and a name, absolutely? Do I think Harry is being ridiculous and not seeing what Meghan is actually doing by isolating him and making him look like a fool, yes, because first, they said they left the country due to their racist family,  yet Harry is now saying his family is not racist. 

The lies keep coming as well as their ridiculous comparisons to Nelson Mandela, Harry calling the Taliban chess pieces and acting like their life which they chose to make harder, by giving up their Royal inheritance, to go and live a lavish life in the States, is hard because his father who has let him be independent won’t pay for their security, give his children titles and fund their lifestyles.

They also have yes men and other black social climbers who do nothing for the black community but make money crying out racism and excusing foolishness in the community to make a quick dollar at the expense of other black people who continue to support their foolishness for TV, news and social media followers to build a career. Of course, they will defend their foolishness. 

As well as some other not left-wing liberals, and social justice career climbers masking themselves as liberals. For example, Dr. Shola Mos-shogbamimu, recently celebrated Dr Dre, the proud domestic and female assaulter. The black community needs to stop holding the coats of those using their oppression to make a quick buck. Including Harry and Meghan. 

Long story short. The Royals don’t care, Harry and Meghan will soon be faded into the background as 15 minutes of fame whingers and life will go on. We should rather worry about ourselves, the cost of living is rising and at the end of the day, only the commoners will suffer. 

Author: Akosua Darko


London, UK