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They have stolen the heart from inside


” They have stolen the heart from inside you but this does not define I know who you are, who you truly are ” Moana ( you would never guess how much I love Disney, especially that scene) so many women are seen as smouldering volcanoes when they just need someone to cross the horizon to find and see them. Remind them they are a whole Goddess island. 

I’m on a mission to bring mental health to the forefront. I would love to be able to do it for all with a particular focus on women, and children who are going through bullying, abuse, or trauma. 

It is something that is quite taboo to see as beautiful, people rising from the fire that tried to consume them and dealing with their scars as they go through their stages of grief to rise from the ashes. 

I’m a young woman trying to navigate the trauma of yesterday, and trying to find beauty in myself, while I heal and navigate the complex emotions trying to overcome a past that has hammered my mental health as well as confidence in myself, and made me see the world as a violent and volatile place which can be unkind to me.

 It’s hard to have a fist up with insecurities and bloom. However, the world isn’t as gracious and kind to this shortcoming. People like me are seen as flowers who cannot forget they weren’t watered and refuse to bloom. So I entered this competition to raise awareness of mental health organisations willing to help, of the hard journey, and of how people like me though complex, and sometimes unbalanced, are beautiful. 

Since this is a competition celebrating women who try to bring international peace. I argue we cannot have peace when children, women, and a section of society is traumatised by their own inner demons, they will lash out and not be the productive members they can be, because their mind is not free to fulfill their potential. 

Maya Angelou said she knows why the caged bird sings because it longs for freedom in the bars where its hands and feet are tied. In my quest for freedom and hope to free others, behind the bars of rage, I hope to make you empathise with the caged birds and see their acts as a longing for freedom. I hope I can inspire you to help fundraiser for A-sisterhood and mental health organisations, and how we can all do our bit to help.

 So this is for the angry women, beaten and bruised with beautiful spirits, not allowed to shine, hampered by bitterness, left out in the wilderness to starve. I’m really excited to walk on stage again this time for Miss International and continue my advocacy.

Please donate to my cause before the first of June 2023 here: 


Author: Akosua Darko


London, UK