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Robert Mugabe’s daughter’s wealth revealed in divorce case listing 21 farms and a Dubai mansion

It has been revealed that Bona Mugabe, the only daughter of Zimbabwe’s pioneer President Robert Mugabe, owns vast swathes of land in premier residential areas in the capital Harare, 21 farms, an $8m mansion in Dubai, and a fleet of luxury cars. 

A divorce case between Bona Mugabe and Simba Mutsahuni Chikore has revealed the vast wealth owned by the daughter of former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

According to court papers seen by BBC, Bona filed for divorce from Simba in March 2023, and the former wants assets including 21 farms and over 25 residential properties split.

The residential property in Dubai is valued at $80m (Ksh. 10,911,200,000). 

Simba has also cash, companies, and movable properties worth millions of dollars as matrimonial property that must be shared if the divorce is granted.

“Defendant contributed to acquiring the properties through his savings from his former jobs as a pilot and the farming venture,” Simba filed in response to his wife’s application for divorce at the High Court.

Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona Mugabe and her husband Simba Chikore at Robert Mugabe’s funeral in 2019

The respondent added that he also contributed to the wealth from donations from his father-in-law for work, jobs, and special assignments done on behalf of the late Mugabe.

However, a source close to Mugabe family told BBC that the former Zimbabwe president had no property in his name when he died. He also questioned whether Bona owned the property claimed by her estranged husband.

Bona and Simba got married in 2014, a lavish ceremony that was attended by several Heads of State.

The divorce between Bona Mugabe and her husband Simbarashe Chikore has laid bare the family’s wealth, with the couple fighting over assets including land worth millions of pounds, property, more than $1m in cash and luxury vehicles including Range Rovers Ms Mugabe said the marriage had irretrievably broken down but Mr Chikore claimed it could be rescued with counselling.

Author: Mpheza Clara Manda

Luska, Zambia

Senior Correspondent


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