Chioma and Davido Adekele


I am that I am, I cannot control my penis. Can community and overseas dick ever be someone’s husband?

She could have been anything and everything. She reduced herself to being a married woman. A loyal woman. A woman who would lose herself for a man, an unworthy man, a man who didn’t see her as enough. Her culture celebrated her for staying, for opening herself to sexually transmitted diseases, for being a doormat, because he was her prize, her husband, a man who didn’t value her enough to protect her mind, body, and soul.

 After all the love she gave, all that she forgave for him, she still would never be enough for him. She could have been anything, she reduced herself to being a wife of a man who calls himself alpha. Yet cannot control his penis. For a man respected for his fame, talent, and wealth, yet cannot control his penis. The culture celebrated her for staying and claiming this man, she calls hers only because of a ring and vows he would not keep. Can a man truly be your husband if he’s a community and overseas dick?

Africans celebrate being a married woman like it’s some sort of achievement for a man to put a ring on his finger. Rather than it being a beautiful thing to be married to someone you love and share life together. 

This had led women into putting themselves into dangerous situations just to keep their marriages. With men who aren’t worthy and they are told to submit.  To abusers, cheaters, drunkards, and men who don’t respect women. In my opinion, an absolute waste of space who do not love themselves, let alone deserve the love of someone else. Yet as long as they are a man they deserve to be worshipped apparently.

Chioma is such a beautiful woman with so much class. For some reason, she thinks the best she can do is be with a man who doesn’t even value his own body. Who thinks is manly to be so cheap that every woman who manages to seduce him, he has to sleep with?  Apparently, according to many supporting him when a man is seduced he cannot help but cooperate.

 A grown adult can make their own decisions, the same way he can wake up and brush his teeth, is the same way he can say no if he wanted to. It’s funny we want to give a god-like status to men and say how important they are in African communities. Yet how can you be a mighty man and you cannot control your penis or anyone can sleep with you. It beats logic.

Some say Chioma is staying for the money, so does Chioma not think another wealthy man could be interested in her?  I’m sure she can also work to attain wealth. Is money more important than happiness, sanity, and being respected? When will African women start to value themselves as more than money? When will they start to value themselves as human beings, not their accomplishments, ability to have a home, have children, have stupid loyalty to unloyal men, and being a wife ( even if it’s a wife to a fool).

I don’t blame Anita the woman who is currently dragging Davido like filth on social media and is allegedly expecting his child. She is hurt and wants to air out her feelings. My only issue is her dragging Chioma into it. Nevertheless, she can say whatever she wants about Davido because a man who does not respect himself, should be able to tolerate disrespect. Others are mocking her for being jealous of what Chioma has. 

What does Chioma have? A community dick, whose money is spread across baby mamas and side chicks, whose inheritance is also spread among them and their children. All the women have slept and had money from Davido so what is the big deal? 

In this case, the side chicks are even better than the wife, he comes sleeps with them and goes and gives them money and Chioma has to deal with all the wifely duties. When she could be married to a responsible man who is loyal and they do exist. As far as I’m concerned all the women have a claim to him because they sleep with him and he gives them money. So if they want to fight over him it’s normal.

Chioma has been through so much pain and trauma she deserves better. Like many African women who could have been anything, but were reduced to being a wife of a man who didn’t value them.

Author: Akosua Darko

London, UK



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