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Emeka Ike’s Brother Speaks On Actor’s Ex-Wife, Son Allegations

Emeka Ike’s Brother Speaks On Actor’s Ex-Wife, Son Allegations

Veteran Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike’s brother, Victor, has said that the allegations made by the actor’s ex-wife, Suzanne Emma, and his son in a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo were all lies, urging the actor’s son, Michael, to apologise to his father for the abusive words and insults. 

Victor, who is also a music producer, alleged that his brother’s ex-wife had slapped her husband on several occasions and even carried out bank transactions from the actor’s account she was a signatory to without his consent.. 

Victor disclosed this in a series of tweets via his X handle (formerly Twitter) on Sunday. 

Victor further alleged that Suzanne had told lies about his mother and had beaten her up many times but after multiple complaints, Emeka refused to deal with the issue, adding that the actor loves his wife more than he loves himself. 

His tweets read, “I heard the lies made against my brother, Emeka Ike, by his ex-wife on Chude show. So; she slapped him on several occasions but now claims he is a wife-beater? 

“She was a signatory to his bank account and when he was alerted that huge amounts were being withdrawn constantly, he asked to be informed before withdrawals, then she turns it into an issue of being financially deprived? 

“He sponsored her from the level of JAMB exams to university and then Masters. He opened a CIS movie studio and a secondary school, both of which she was put in charge of and subsequently ruined, and now she claims he never allowed her work. 

“Why only use parts of his voice note and not the complete VN, If not for the intent to blackmail him with false allegations? 

“Men’s voices don’t matter anymore cos when they try to express themselves, people don’t don’t believe them.” 

Emeka Ike was born on March 22, 1967 to Elder and Mrs. Nicolas Ike in Lagos state. His father was a Pastor before his demise. He is from Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo state.

He studied Mechanical Engineering at the Yaba College of Technology. As a student, he owned a business center which he used to supplement his allowance in school.

Emeka Ike who is known for his Playboy or Casanova role in the movies. His major role was in the movie ‘Deadly Affair’ in 1987 where he played ‘Ikechukwu’

Since his debut in the movie industry, Emeka Ike has been starred in over 100 movies including ‘After My Heart’, ‘Test My Heart’, ‘A Can of Worms’, ‘Love Affair’ ‘Stigma Secret’, ‘The Snake Girl’, ‘My Last Wedding’, ‘Heavy Battle’, ‘Wind of Love’ ‘100 Days in the Jungle’ and ‘Not Man Enough’, living in Pain, My love my Sorrow to mention a few follow

Author: Okunlola Kayode. F


Lagos, Nigeria