Home Crime Emmanuel Ogabi death: Heartbroken mother pleads for answers

Emmanuel Ogabi death: Heartbroken mother pleads for answers

Emmanuel Ogabi death: Heartbroken mother pleads for answers

The family of a “kind-hearted and polite” man murdered in Woolwich are appealing for anyone with information to come forward as they spent another Christmas without him. 

Emmanuel Ogabi, who was 26 and had a three-year-old daughter, was stabbed in Woolwich in October 2021.He was attacked just before midnight but was not found for eight hours.His mother Bola told BBC London a part of her died with him – and that she “knows the real meaning of having a broken heart”.

“Each day we think about it, what was going on in his mind,” she said.”He was such a family person and he died alone.” The Met Police has offered a £20,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction.The force has also released some new images of people officers want to talk to regarding the case.

Mrs Ogabi, said her son would “always, always” send her a message before he went to bed to say he loved her.She believes someone must have valuable information.

“Someone killed him, and they are still walking around out there, and they’ll do it again, because they are thinking they got away with it,” she said.

His father, Samuel Ogabi, described him as “kind hearted, hardworking and respectful”.

He said, after facing another Christmas without him, family gatherings were a struggle.

“His death has left a big hole in our hearts,” he added.

“He will be missed. Justice must be served. Our son was brutally snatched from us.”

Author: Linda .R. Jones

Senior Writer