Home Entertainment Spanish-British-Nigerian artiste Amal drops highly anticipated single ‘God Knows’

Spanish-British-Nigerian artiste Amal drops highly anticipated single ‘God Knows’

Spanish-British-Nigerian artiste Amal drops highly anticipated single ‘God Knows’

Singer, Songwriter, and renowned Spanish-British-Nigerian artiste Amal Fashanu takes listeners on a soul-stirring journey of love and faith with her latest single, ‘God Knows.’
Amal is also a presenter, journalist, fashion designer and activist against homophobia in sports. The heartfelt track explores love, resilience, and the unwavering belief in a higher power. Amal’s emotive vocals and poignant lyrics deliver a powerful message that resonates with the soul.

‘God Knows’ delves into the complexities of life, love, and the comforting certainty that there is divine guidance. Amal Fashanu’s soulful vocals convey various emotions, creating an intimate connection with listeners. The single is a harmonious blend of soul, gospel, and contemporary R&B influences, showcasing Amal’s versatility and depth as an artiste. The track follows the success of her debut release, ‘New Beginnings,’ and the resonating ‘Detty December,’ earning Amal widespread acclaim for her distinctive blend of R&B and Afrobeats.
Fashanu’s multicultural roots shine through in ‘God Knows,’ as she seamlessly incorporates English, pidgin English, and even Spanish into her lyrical arsenal. The song’s title emphasises God’s omnipotent nature in navigating the human experience.

This soul-stirring composition pushes the boundaries of genre, offering listeners an immersive musical experience. She draws inspiration from her Spanish-Nigerian heritage, infusing her music with cultural richness and diversity. The single seamlessly blends contemporary urban tempo with Afrobeat rhythms, accompanied by hypnotic Spanish and French poetic lyricism, creating an intimate connection with the listener.

Fans can catch exclusive glimpses of the upcoming release, behind-the-scenes content, and updates by connecting with her on @amalfashanu. ‘God Knows’ is available on major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Author: Linda .R. Jones

Senior Writer